Star Ocean 4 Scan Shows Amazing Visuals

Star Ocean 4 scan from Dengeki magazine.

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sonarus3839d ago

they still haven't announced a platform for this right?

ruibing3839d ago

Yeah Square Enix really seems to love their media blackouts.

I mean I have not heard a thing about Last Remnant since forever. I really hope they will reveal more at least by E3.

gEnKiE3839d ago

Well those images are filed under the PS3 section.....its defintely not for the Wii and I can't see SquareEnix put that on the 360 since its selling poorly in Japan and thats where a majority of the fans are.... M$ does have their nasty ways of getting games on their system though, so who knows.

zane5473839d ago

Why it was filed under playsation 3 myself either. Visuals do look to impressive to be a Wii title but I'm not going to rule out a 360 version or it being ps3 and 360 release, like Last Remnant is going to be.

Star Ocean is like FF, it is actually popular in some of the western territories, multi-format release may make sense.

wow4u3838d ago

@1.2 - reported as SPAM:

"M$ does have their nasty ways of getting games on their system though, so who knows."

Take it to the Open Zone.

gEnKiE3838d ago Show
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Mandangoof3839d ago

Now, is it a PS3 exclusive or PS360?

BilI Gates3839d ago

Star Ocean 4 will be exclusive to one console.

sonarus3839d ago

or it could be timed 360 exclusive. PS3 has final fantasy and final fantasy VS. Msoft could easily convince them to give them star ocean timed. It will sell poorly yes but msoft doesn't care they just want to slow down the ps3.

BilI Gates3839d ago

It's exclusive.

And not that I'm giving any hints or anything (I'm really not) but Star Ocean is huge in Japan.

Richdad3839d ago

It will be 360 exclusive Triace is already making Infinite Undiscovery on 360 so this one could be for PS3 and 360 both but only 360 I dont think. Also all the previous ones where on PS.
Anyways the Cell Shading shows a whole new way to do Cell shading if they can do seamless world with that kind of graphics I will be stunned.
Lets wait till E3 if Star OCean looks this good Triace other game Infinte Undiscovery will be of same level.

wow4u3838d ago


They dont want to "slow down" the PS3, they want to get a good variety of good games for every gamer.

They are doing that better than any other company this generation, no doubt about it.

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griff3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

that's why i put this on 'industry news'.

Iamback3839d ago

Just another metrosexual blond boy, with naked belly. Japanese (especially Square Enix) need to change some tings, its about time.

Alcaponedyou3839d ago

it says 'exclusive RPG for Wii'

LaChance3839d ago

I have to agree with you on that one.

They have to stop with those "gay" looking characters and shallow personnalitys.

They've been using the same formula ( that is concerning the character , their personnality etc )since FF 10 (which is by far the boringest and most predicatable RPG on PS2).

rCrysis3839d ago

a 360 exclusive would be suicide in japan for this franchise. as Bill Gates said, Star Ocean is huge in Japan

wow4u3838d ago

triAce (the Developer of Star Ocean) is working on Infinite Undiscovery exclusively for Xbox 360.

This can serve the purpose of getting triAce familiar with Xbox 360 development.

I dont know if SO4 will be multi-platform or not, but there is a chance that the triAce relationship with MS could extend to include making SO4 multi-plat. We'll have to wait and see.

There are already 3 (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata) top quality JRPG.

There are two more (one JRPG, one MMO(J?)RPG) from Final Fantasy creator Sakaguchi-san's studio.

Square Enix is bringing Last Remnant and triAce's Infinite Undiscovery.

Namco Bandai is bringing the next Tales game, Tales of Vesperia exclusive (at this point...).

And, those are just the known games, who knows what other JRPGs are coming. Frankly, I can't see anyone playing that many JRPGs in one year.

rCrysis3838d ago

lets just see the sales data on JRPGs when they are released for PS3 and 360.

I don't want to argue about which is better. I'm trying to make the point that Xbox JRPGs in Japan don't sell as well as PS3 JRPGs in japan.

We just need to wait for a JRPG that was released on 360 to be released on PS3. 1st will either be Eternal Sonata or Infinite Undiscovery.