One-Sentence Reviews - Volume Four

SuperPhillip Central writes, "We have gotten a lot of good feedback regarding this segment. You'd wonder why it's been over a year since we've last done it, then, wouldn't you! It's One-Sentence Reviews, where we take thirty games and try to summarize our thoughts about them and criticize them in one sentence. Sure, we occasionally do a run-on sentence here and there, but that's all right. Some of these games listed have already had in-depth reviews, and many of the games will be reviewed with more detail later. Regardless, let's jump right into this and enjoy ourselves, shall we?"

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knifefight1878d ago

Dang, I got a submission like this failed some years back.

Well, good to see that others still appreciate the art. :)

Phil321878d ago

Hi there. Do you remember why?