HMV to host midnight launches for GTA 5 across the UK

HMV will be hosting midnight openings for Grand Theft Auto 5 across the UK on Monday, September 16, the retailer has announced.

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GarrusVakarian2267d ago

If its going to be anything like the launch for GTA4 then those lines are going to be HUGE.

itsRehabTime2267d ago

What? HMV is still going?

LoveSpuds2266d ago

All those people willing to pay HMV prices for software, never fails to amaze me.

Shopto people, Shopto! I would say that something like 95% of my pre orders arrive the day before release date, sod waiting in a cue at that time of night!

Genuine-User2266d ago

Amazon is selling GTA V cheaper than Shopto. You get the game for £35 with free day one delivery.

HarryMasonHerpderp2266d ago

I'm guessing they will charge top dollar for the game, around £40 and upwards (maybe a cheeky £45) you can buy the game on Amazon for £35 save yourself a fiver and save money on fuel to get to the store.

LoveSpuds2266d ago

That sure is a great price, but I don't use Amazon unless I am absolutely desperate since their tax avoidance shadiness came to light.

I also tend to buy software from software sites as a way of supporting them, I get a good loyalty bonus from Shopto too (usually around 2.50 credit per game).

Either way, it seems we are in agreement, to cue outside a store that will fleece you anyway seems barking mad.

I also seem to recall reading the odd story of peeps getting robbed on their way home from the store too with one of the last midnight launches (oh the irony of getting robbed for your copy of GTA5, the Daily Mail would have a field day! :) )