Killzone: Shadow Fall Won’t Have Split-Screen

Sid Shuman gets confirmation that Killzone: Shadow Fall will not have split-screen support via PS Blog.

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Wedge192267d ago

Damnit! Why?? My wife and I were looking forward to playing this so much! That sucks...

THC CELL2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Stop been tight and get her a ps4 split screen so last last gen

Disagrees hmm I'm sure if he loves his wife that much he will get her one. Pray she don't see this message eh eh

Wedge192267d ago

Food... or another PS4 and TV and Plus subscription AND copy of the game? Eh... what the hell... who needs to eat, right? ;)

THC CELL2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Save up n buy one ;-)

malokevi2267d ago

Splitscreen... last gen?

Splitscreen/localMP is one of the main reasons to have a console. Nothing better than sitting on the couch playing with friends.

darthv722267d ago

no split screen but will it support local co-op? As in if you have 2 units networked together you can play.

Or will it only be online co-op?

slazer1012267d ago


Buy digital. You get two,for the price of one.
That's if they continue game sharing of course. Have not heard one announcement about game sharing. Which makes me a little worried.

Bundi2267d ago

Split screen is last gen? Do you believe this or is this on account that a Sony game is shipping without it?

I'll go on record saying that any mullitplayer game without local split screen is a disappointment. I'm a battlefield fan myself but I've never excused its lack of couch co-op/local multiplayer.

J-R2267d ago

I'm way to greedy to play most games split screen. Especially with an FPS. I want every inch of the screen to myself. :)

GiggMan2267d ago

Unfortunately that is the only gripe I have about Killzone and Battlefield.

I'm still getting them both but now I have to pick up CoD Ghost because it's the ONLY one with local multiplayer.

I love reliving the Golden Eye days with my friends and accusing them of looking at my section of the screen lol.

LackTrue4K2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

[email protected] bundi

Lack of coop didnt mader in Battlefield 3, story was boring!!!

I don't even remember any of it....other then entering the jet, and not even piloting it!! Haha

Sevir2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Blah, I hate split screen as the quality of the visuals take a dip. KZ3 had it and I didn't use it. I prefer seamless online coop like in Resistance 3 or Halo Reach.

Sure playing with your buds on the same couch is great but I much prefer online drop in drop out co-op.

I won't miss split screen exclusion from KZ:Shadow Fall! Bring on That Awesome Single Player and that 60fps Multiplayer goodness!

dale_denton2267d ago

yup, i always buy 2 copies.. i hate sharing with my wife.. i'm glad she games too but god i hate sharing.. rather lan up or meet her up on multiplayer lobbies.

pedrof932267d ago


"Splitscreen... last gen?

Splitscreen/localMP is one of the main reasons to have a console. Nothing better than sitting on the couch playing with friends."

At least killzone used to lets us play with bots while halo doesn't. You need to pay the XBOX LIVE sub to be able to.

By the way PS4 is so much better than the X1. I'm sorry.

webeblazing2267d ago

aint the point of consoles is to play with friends. this is why cod sell alot of game do not have split screen. thats one of the main perks of consoles.

KwietStorm2267d ago

Now you sound like Kutaragi.

Enigma_20992267d ago

Buy another system and TWO copies of the game just to play two player co-op. Meanwhile games like Borderlands 2 give you a choice.

Every disagree you get is well deserved. I even gave you one as well, cause I'm good like that. Don't thank me. You earned it.

R3DRAIN892267d ago

Split screen is still wanted by many, but only a handfull of games want to support it. Offline MP is just as fun as online if not better, cause you can see their face expressions when they lose :) for example :)

negative2267d ago

I know seriously WTF???????

Now I'm totally not getting this!!!

strifeblade2267d ago

lol everything about the ps4 is so last gen, i am surprised they didn't include one of the most important features and thats splitscreen!

trancefreak2267d ago

I wouldn't mind split screen but Killzone will be played alone by me. Nobody touches my PS4 unless they pry my cold dead hands from it.

Dee_Cazo2267d ago

Very clear THC CELL is the worst kinda fanboy who will attack other supporters of the console if they say anything remotely negative.

Good for you.

UltimateMaster2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

..oh well

Sideras2267d ago

I'd agree, and mostly I'd prefer online multiplayer. However there is a pretty nice soical aspect to playing locally, split-screen will always suck though, nothing is more head ache inducing than split-screen.

TheGrimReaper00112267d ago

split screen is so last gen
Borderlands 2 spiltscreen, was some of the most fun I had in multiplayer this gen

sonarus2267d ago

Split screen is not a major deal breaker for me. High end games have featured it less and less and last gen most of my friends had ps3 so played a lot of online coop that way which is even better than split screen to me. I don't know of any next gen game with split screen confirmed anyway.

I do hope killzone will have online coop though. Lack of online coop in KIllzone 3 really pissed me off

ThanatosDMC2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

People still play splitscreen... meh, i guess. I agree with Cell. Buy your wife one. If you smoke, drink, eat expensively, buy guns every few months or go on monthly vacations, that's a lot of money you could have saved for her.

I hate sharing my screen so i buy two of everything for my gf.

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FamilyGuy2267d ago

OMG lol, I JUST bought this huge thing of oatmeal so I could save some money (car repairs kickin my ass).

It's pretty sad :(

Oatmeat for breakfast, top ramen for dinner.
It's super low budget eating.

CarnageXB2267d ago

@FamilyGuy dude, add an egg, broccoli or spinache, and a squirt of sriracha to the ramen. It adds flavor and tastes good. It's also very filling.

svoulis2267d ago

if its anything like the PS3 you can buy it digitally put your account on up to 3 Playstations and play it with her maybe? How awesome would that be. It works with PS3 so maybe it will with PS4 :D

Ripsta7th2267d ago

He wuld still.need to buy 2 ps4

MizTv2267d ago

Me and my friends do that all the time
At first you could have it on 7 ps3's
But how I thi k it's 2

wishingW3L2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

now is up to 2 and most newer digital games have a DRM that to play the game in a different console you first need to wait 24 hours. But 2 persons can't play the same game at the same time.

Rikuson12267d ago

@Slazer they did comment on game sharing as far as Ps4 only one Psn account can be activated to a Ps4 for the ability to download and okay what's on the Psn account's download list. Ps3 used to be able to do 5 and add we know got reduced to only 2. The Ps4 will be only 1 at a time

killcycle2267d ago

it's 2 playstations not 3

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Irishguy952267d ago

Stick with xbox. They understand the importance of splitscreen.

Reggie cant say ****. Mehtendo fail U is really lame right now

Mr_Writer852267d ago

They do? What games do they have which are confirmed splitscreen?

HeavenlySnipes2267d ago

The Halo games and Gears of War have split screen online

Splits teen online is a big reason to me why I like Halo in the first place on top of its great gameplay

walkincarpet2267d ago

hopefully MS continues to split screen. I can't even begin to entertain why devs would take couch co-op and vs away from players. These guys get paid big bucks to be morons, really?

Also, not sure why everyone is hyping KZSF in the first place. Didn't they play these games on PS3? Killzone has always been an average game compared to Halo, COD, BF.

ATi_Elite2267d ago

Poor ole Reggie!

The Wiiu is approaching a Year since it's release and has barely reached 4 million units sold (if that much)

Mario Zelda Metroid Donkey Kong can't save WiiU when Gamers are buying camping out to buy XB1/PS4

I expect XB1/PS4 to surpass WiiU in sales DAY 1!!!

Nintendo will be a 3rd party Publisher for XB1/PS4 in a few years

Jay70sgamer2267d ago

You really think ps4 or xbox one are gonna sell 3 and a half million units this Christmas season ....they don't even have 3 and half million consoles made ......I don't think so.... maybe over time they will catch up but not this Christmas ....and nintendo said they will never be a software only company and Nintendo has over 10 billion in the they are hardly hurting in the cash department like Sony

truechainz2267d ago

Why are you bringing this up in a discussion about Killzone? Also Nintendo clearly confirmed their IPs will never be 3rd party, which shouldn't be what playstation only fans would want anyway.

joshuatobi2267d ago

At jay70sgamer your actually wrong sony has more money at hand thqn nintendo so ur statement is false. Check forbes list

jcnba282267d ago

What does the Wii U have to do with this article? You just sound like a butt hurt fanboy.

wheresmymonkey2266d ago

What's this got to do with the topic at all?

Except that maybe dual screen local multiplayer might be a big selling point of the WiiU if the xbone and ps4 drop splitscreen.

or local multiplayer in general...

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llMurcielagoll2267d ago

Seems that split screen is becoming a thing of the past. I dont know why they wouldn't put in split screen, devs too lazy?

Jac5al2267d ago

Launch title. Not enough time.

Thehyph2267d ago

Most devs want to show off the visuals to some extent. To make a game split screen, you have to take away some of that visual flair. At least if the game is making the console put serious work in.

Racing games probably got hit the worst.

KrisButtar2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

no split screen means im buying call of duty instead

KwietStorm2267d ago

Because they didn't want to? It wasn't part of their vision? Takes away from resources? This lazy thing is like beating and raping a dead horse.

TheDivine2267d ago

They sell more copies without it. Now you need two consoles, two games, and two subs for ps online. Friends can't sit around like gears and play four player coop. Then again only KZ3 had coop so its not a standard for GG like it is for Halo, Gears, and COD. Il be pissed if there's no bots in this and Mercenery though. I'd like to mess around offline w my bro to practice. I've always loved that KZ still has bots, only that, COD, and Gears still do it well IMO.

KZ is a great series but its always lacked the complete package. Either a great sp w no coop or coop and a short campaign. It needs a campaign, coop, some hoard or survival mode, and mp. It needs to be THE ps4 game for friends like what Gears was for the 360. As is il beat it and move on, maybe play some mp here and there. In gears 3 I could play bots solo, mp, split screen online, coop campaign, coop hoard and any combination. Everything was top notch. GG has the skill obviously but they usually short one side of the stick. Its pretty though.

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LiQuiZoN2267d ago

Sucks there is no split-screen, but its to be expected from a 1st generation title for the new systems. I'm by no mean surprised by this, but splitscreen is ofcourse a really nice feature.

waljaber2267d ago

it's lunch title, not enough time to do everything !! i guess:)

FamilyGuy2267d ago

A lot of people don't use split screen in FPS but it's a great option to have, even if the visuals have to take a quality dip.

I think I read this 2 days ago though, either way it's sad to hear. No one wants to buy 2 consoles just to play a game in the same house/on the same couch. That's ridiculous.

The start of the PS3 gen was like this too with games like Burnout Paradise and MotorStorm launching without split screen and later having it via DLC or in MSs case in MS2.

I'm disappointed :/

otherZinc2267d ago

Lol, of course it doesn't!
The game isn't even friggin CO-OP!
Ridiculous, & this is supposed to be "next gen", whatever.

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TheGreatGamer2267d ago

Shu and Reggie are both cool

Angeljuice2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )


Angeljuice2267d ago

Shu's cool, but Reggie Feels Aimless

TrendyGamers2267d ago

Shuhei is awesome, the lack of split-screen is not.

Benjammin252267d ago

I'm surprised by this. Not only because Killzone 3 was split-screen, but because the PS4 bundle featuring this game includes a second controller. You'd think GG would have found some way to include split-screen in some form.

solidjun52267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Rats. Although I live alone, it would have been nice when I have friends over.

"“It’s near impossible to dislike Reggie #meh :D .”

Shu is a cool guy. It's near impossible to dislike him. At least to me.

Lolrus2267d ago

just wanted to say, black on both sides is a classic. Umi says one of my fav songs of all time. Aite im outa here thx bye :)

solidjun52267d ago

Man I still listen to that album on the regular. I love Umi says. My favorite is still Mathematics and Ms. Fat Booty. lol

ThePreface2267d ago

I listen to Black on Both Sides when I'm working. I love Hip Hop, Love and Brooklyn.

solidjun52267d ago

yea man. Raised in Brooklyn. I feel you.
I listen to it just to hype me up sometimes. lol.