Xbox One: The Last Microsoft Console?

Analysts debate whether Microsoft should get out of the devices business, including Xbox, following Ballmer's retirement

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ala_7672268d ago

Never expect that from M$ in the next 10 years!!!

Stuart57562268d ago

I think the 'console' will change and evolve into some unique and often bizarre things but I don't think the X1 will be the last console.

malokevi2268d ago

It's not going to happen. Microsoft isn't stupid. Their software isn't the immense, universal draw that it once was. They need to diversify their assets in order to survive, like all the biggest tech companies.

Analysts are dumb as dirt.

MWong2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

@ malokevi
M$ has one of the biggest and most commonly used OS in Windows. So yea, their software portfolio is still pretty immense. And who is to say that the $100M they spent on the controller R&D couldn't have been put towards Windows R&D?

I doubt it's true though. I could swear there was another article about something similar to this just a few days ago. If ValueAct has anything to do with it XBone will be M$ last console. They rather M$ focus on software & networking, due to the overall value of M$ creating gaming consoles.

I'm sure if M$ gets out of the console hardware business another company will step up.

SolidStoner2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I cant see it to be the last console from MS side..

why? they still make goos money with these consoles (also by selling games on it)... and even if they loose some.. they can just start all over again.. its MS after all, they can screw up how many they like and later still make profit...

also I do believe that MS actually can do some good things, like creating or stimulating some good games and testing/creating new features... as much as I trust and prefer SONY I think that if there would be no MS and Nintendo.. Sony could really make some bad decisions..

Too much power isn't a good thing after all.. history tells that, not me..

actually some other companies could join gaming community, that would only improve the industry overall..

kneon2268d ago


Except that they haven't actually made money from the xBox.

Since inception they have lost money overall, that's why stockholders and analysts periodically bring up the suggestion to get out of these side businesses and focus on their core offerings.

AngryTypingGuy2267d ago

I hope not. It's the competition that makes both Sony and MS put out so much content and try to wow us each year at E3 and in the Christmas season. It's the competition that leads to free game programs like the Instant Game Collection and Games with Gold. If one went away, it would make things less exciting for the customer.

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MariaHelFutura2268d ago ShowReplies(21)
Gimmemorebubblez2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

If it fails miserably it will, however it will not and unless Xbox gets turned into a digital service, I expect to see the Xbox Two 6 years down the line.


It's to big to fail and unlike the PS3 it has a strong-launch line up and will receive a massive MS marketing push- truth/opinion. I still think the PS4 will out sell the Xbox One 1.5:1.

Tony-A2268d ago

lol. Xbox Two.

"Hey man, are you buying the Xbox Two?"

"You mean the Xbox 360?"

"No man, that's their second console. I'm talking about their fourth console, the Two."

".... What?"

"Well, you know how their third console was the One?"


"Okay, so the successor to the One is the fourth Xbox, which is Two."

".... Oh my god."

avengers19782268d ago

Not unless MS really sells off the Xbox division( but I don't see that really happening )
I give it 5-6 years, and there will be new consoles again. Remember the PS360/Wii generation was the longest one

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Belking2268d ago

This console could be the last. It's definitely built for the future. Eve if it is it's been an awesome ride so far with the xbox brand.

negative2268d ago

The way the PlayStation brand is losing money it will be gone before the Xbox brand.....

snitch_puck2268d ago

please, my friend. don't even start with that.

DebateMaster2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Is this a joke? Its a fact that the PS brand is making money but as usual some ignorant fanboy will come up with some baseless random opinion as fact. The PS brand isn't going away anytime soon. Sony is supported 3 systems with AAA exclusives still being produced today on all of them. While Microsoft abandoned the 360 and is supporting the Xbox one. Neither company is dying anytime soon but if a company had to go first its MS. If the PS brand was dying do you think Sony could afford to support 3 systems at a time? How come MS can't support both 360 and one? Its an insult to those still investing in the 360.

gaelic_laoch2268d ago

The way the xbox brand is losing customers it will hardly get out of the stables!

Gimmemorebubblez2268d ago

Sony has erased most of its Psone and Ps2 profits between 2005-2009 but still has made a 3bn dollar profit since 1995 from the Playstation. Since 2000 Xbox has erased most of its losses but still is -1.9 billon USD in the red.#fact

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One have a lot to prove to investors.

Allsystemgamer2268d ago

It started making money a while ago. Nice try though Xbot. The ps4 preorders are also much higher than the X1

tiffac0082268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

From my understanding MS Xbox division has never recouped their loses from the original Xbox which was said to be about 3-4 billion dollars. Forbes has the article on that back at '05

There was also a report back in January (not sure of its accuracy) that pointed out that the Xbox Division has lost 3 billion dollars in a decade even when the 360 was making money.

Add the investment to the Xbox One.

Through all that and whatever the numbers on Sony's side. I still doubt both Sony or MS would just leave the industry. That would be just a fanboys wet dream.

Clarence2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

@ Negative

You wasted a bubble for that dumb a$$ comment? You know the PS brand is making money.

Brix902268d ago


Your name says it all nothing positive

Picnic2267d ago

Sony will have money from charging for all online play this time.

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user74029312268d ago

built for the future with AA batteries?

MariaHelFutura2268d ago ShowReplies(1)
snitch_puck2268d ago

It's not that it's the last one, but there is a possibility that Microsoft might create a new line of console, or better yet, they just focus more on their primary specialty, the PC.

snitch_puck2268d ago

Oh sorry. I thought I had provided my point/idea so I excluded that fact. My bad.

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