Nintendo talks competition with Xbox One, PlayStation 4

GS:Compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Wii U is the only next-generation system doing something "a little different," according to Nintendo marketing executive Scott Moffitt.

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Stuart57562271d ago

Not in the same league I'm afraid. It's like comparing Wii and PS3. Never have two products so similar being so different.

_QQ_2271d ago

if you have the option to pick up Watchdogs on PC/ps4/ps3/wiiu/xbox360 and xboxone that means those products are competing,regardless of how much better PC is vs PS4/xboxone, regardless of the power diff between Wiiu and other consoles.

BattleTorn2271d ago

It's like comparing Pixar movies to blockbuster action flicks.

One could argue Pixar makes the best movies, one could say they like them the most, and practically everyone enjoys Pixar movies.

But Pixar is not reflective of what sells in the movie industry

PopRocks3592271d ago

"But Pixar is not reflective of what sells in the movie industry"

Pixar films are almost universally successful, critically, financially and with general audiences. How is that not reflective of what sells in the movie industry?

SegaSaturn6692271d ago

That's a bad example. I hate pixar movies myself, but they're extremely successful.

BattleTorn2271d ago


That's the point I was trying to make, but with Nintendo

Harkins17212271d ago

Next time Nintendo needs to make a next gen system. Not a little better then the Ps3.

stuna12271d ago

Agree completely! This isn't the WII against the PS3/Xbox 360 anymore! New generation, different set of rules. On just marketing basis, the WII U has had next to none, why? Because Nintendo was almost certain that the hype of this gen was going to carry over into next gen, which is pretty obvious if you take into context the name WII U! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it, it's just that they never expected the original WII to take the nose-dive it has.

And for those about to say that's what the Nintendo Direct streams are for, outside of those who already own a WII U, how is the advertisements suppose to reach mass market penetration!? Of course some would say the original WII, but truth be told not many original owners still use their WII's.

Nintendo was paying closer attention to their fanbase, than many would like to believe! But for all the wrong reasons. I remember well, just before the release of the WII U, how supporters of Nintendo! One of my favorites "PuddleJumper68", basically tried to intimidate me, because he was so confident that the WII U was not only decimate the competition of this gen, but was going to totally oblitorate next gen competition! If he were here I would ask him the question, how's that going for him?

Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, Nintendo is in a bad place with the WII U, maybe not financially, but the choices their making are not instilling a lot of confidence on their part, which adds credence as to why they're making the statements they are, too stay relevant in a race they've already fallen far behind in.

LOL_WUT2271d ago

Agreed either go all the way or not at all. ;)

Harkins17212271d ago

So I take the disagrees with me are all for Nintendo making a weak next gen system? Stupid people at its finest.... I still plan to buy a WiiU sometime in the future. But Ps4 for now baby!

3-4-52271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

* You can't play Any Mario game, or Zelda, or other random solid games like SSB and such on PS4.

* You won't get that same Battlefield 4 & Killzone experience on Wii U, like you will with PS4.

*Titanfall,Forza,Halo - only on XB1 - for now

* You can't get the Total War: Rome 2 experience anywhere else other than PC

* 3DS & Vita give their own experiences as well.

There is no better or worse, only different.

Some of these differences will appeal to you and some will not.

That applies to every gamer.

falcon972271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Your dreaming last time i looked edram makes resolution and frame rates easy to achieve,16mb of edram nets you 1080p native on any game out there look it up,64mb of sram to achieve the same ??? ...yeah ps4 is in another league ??

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Kalebninja2271d ago

i swear if nintendo's next system isnt on par with sony's and microsoft's imma flip why cant they just go back to an awesome controller like the gamecube days

snitch_puck2271d ago

Ever since, even if they deny it, they've always wanted to be always unique by removing themselves out of the leagues of M$ and Sony. I guess they think it's cool to not ride with the mainstream and just be something different not caring graphics-wise. That may be good and bad for all the right reasons. I just think that they are being overly-conservative.

gpturbo812271d ago

not only is it on par, its much better. power is easy. getting a second screen to run as smoothly as they have, with as many features as it has, is not being done by sony/microgreed. their attempt to use vita/ps4 combo, is laughable at best.

Kalebninja2271d ago

noone wanted a second freakin screen thats just something extra their console is nowhere as powerful as ps4/xbone and they are missing out on ALOT of third party games because of it so no they are not on par the gamepad is fun and all but it should have been something extra

hollabox2271d ago

Price drop is good, but they still need a consistent stream of killer apps. But hey its a step in the right direction. Now the Nintendo 2Ds I think they took a step back.

live2play2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

A constant stream of games? U mean like pikmin in August, wonderful 101 and rayman in September? Windwaker and sonic in October? Mario 3d land, link between two worlds and Mario party in November? Donkey Kong in December?

well I got news for you buddy.

and the 2ds isn't for you, its not to be better or replace the 3ds. Its a cheap alternative for families with little kids. How is that a step back?

get it through your head that the 2ds is not supposed to be making us go crazy with hype.

hollabox2271d ago

Live2play please, 1 decent kid game a month mixed with Disney is not exactly killer apps.

s45gr322271d ago

Apart from wonderful 101 and Pikmin aren't those titles the same game franchises from the eighties. The new super Mario world is just super Mario 3D land except for the cat suits, Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze is very similar to klonoa 2 or the recent Rayman games. Then there is the played out fitness game and party game. Still the best wii u games are coming next year you know the ones that actually sell systems like Mario kart 8, bayoneta 2, smash brothers, etc. The whole 2D DS system is pointless.

Misaka_x_Touma2271d ago

are you a kid or person who cant see 3d if not then why bother. Not like it was announce at a event or Nintendo Direct

Donnieboi2271d ago

Kids have a problem perceiving 3d? I never heard of that.

gamer422271d ago

Its been proven kids under 7 seeing The 3d on The 3ds can negatively Affect their vision

Misaka_x_Touma2271d ago


Yes Glasses Free 3D

falcon972271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Where is the consistant stream of killer apps on ps4 i see 1 game Killzone and that game does not sell consoles though...

Misaka_x_Touma2271d ago

Peppy:"100 comments in coming from the rear drop altitude!"

AKR2271d ago

He has a point.

That's how it was last-gen and it's the same thing this-gen.

Reason being;

At their cores - The XOne and PS4 are just a highly upgraded PS3 & 360. Yes, they have their new controllers, but they still share the key qualities that make it an Xbox and a PlayStation. There isn't much game-changing stuff going on with either of them except for the new, nearer-to-PC architecture and upgraded specs. That's it. Everything else is basically similar to what's found in their predecessor.

s45gr322271d ago

You are talking about software which I agree completely. Hardware wise the PS4 and Xbox One are different from their predecessor, software wise is the same. The only difference is how much different are these open world games going to be. If say open world games are like this generation with main missions and side missions that's it no mini games, alternate endings, able to change say story through your actions then is going to suck

falcon972271d ago

Yes xbox1 and ps4 are off the shelf hardware,ps3 and 360 were custom hardware ie they get more and more powerful over time unlike off the shelf or stock you basically get almost 100% power from the off so 1080p native looks hard to achieve on ps4 and co......

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