Field Upgrades Return in Battlefield 4!

If you joined the Battlefield series in Battlefield 3 you may not know what Field Upgrades are, you would have known of them as ‘perks’. Now with the release of Battlefield 4, DICE have brought them back in all their glory (and more!). As we have seen through Gamescom this year, DICE have really wanted to put an emphasis on customisation and personalisation in the game. Whether it be your guns loadout, your character camo’s your vehicle camos or your platoons emblem printed on the side of your tank. What they have added is now over 25 Field Upgrades to enhance your personal gameplay even further!

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Deanc2273d ago

Copying cod elite much...

naBs2273d ago

If you notice in the title 'Return' ;)

Khajiit862273d ago

When you create a sniping class or assult class or any class, know that BF started that, when you finally one day see ground, air, and water vehicles in large scale open maps know that BF started that, when you finally see destructable enviorments in multiplayer you know....... thats a small portion of what COD copies and what you wish they would copy.

MooseyXTC2273d ago

2142-esque progression system huh?
I wasn't a fan of starting off with no grenades, and some trees were better than others [like the Advanced Sniper Rifle].
Still, it's better than just progress in a straight narrow line.
I'm impressed.