'Diablo 3' on PS3 and Xbox 360 ships with updates up to patch 1.0.8, says Berger

Diablo 3 is setting itself up for MMO history as the widely popular franchise will be making its console debut for the first time this Tuesday.

Over the course of development for Diablo 3 on consoles, all of the most recent updates and patches were made in both the PC and console version. Fans should not worry because they should be getting the most up-to-date version of Diablo 3.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Diablo 3 Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger took the time to talk to us about how he and his team created the "hand-built" version of Diablo 3 for consoles, and what the patch will be for the game on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Dasteru2275d ago

Not an MMO and not the franchises first time on consoles.

tripper1822275d ago

I think i still have my diablo for psx

TheEvilWithin2275d ago

I'm playing through Diablo 1 for the Playstation in excitement for Diablo 3 next week.

furneri3572275d ago

can i play offline on the console?

MestreRothN4G2275d ago

Yes. Also there's couch coop, direct controls and no AH.

furneri3572275d ago

thanks for the info, think i'll get it for ps3 this time , coop sounds fun

gamer20132275d ago

I was very disappointed with Diablo 3 and will never buy another Diablo game.

MestreRothN4G2275d ago

Me too. All I can say is that I'll never PREORDER another game in the franchise, but, well, today I almost never preorder anymore, since most games are pure marketing BS.

progaor20132275d ago

diabolo on pc sucked ps3 version is superb what pc version should been give it try its amazing no more pay to win ah no online drm crap just in your balls face what game should been

and couch coop