Hearthstone Arena Introduction

Corsual's EXP writes: "The Arena in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is by far my favourite element of the game, if not the only reason I'm like to play it regularly at launch. In the simplest terms, it's a special game mode with multiple restrictions that, culmatively, create an entirely new way to play.

Essentially, you pay to enter (either using 150 in-game gold earned through quests and rewards, or $1.99) and must then choose a class from 3 random options. Once your class is selected, you'll be asked to build an ad-hoc deck by selecting a card out of three possible options, 30 times.

We checked out the arena today on the Corsual Livestream, with a Rogue Deck. Check out the VOD for a better look at how the arena works, and a stern reminder that in Hearthstone, victory and defeat are almost always only seconds apart:"

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FAT MAN GO BOOM2273d ago

YEP, I'M in trouble... should I just throw my money at you blizzard in intervals or just sign over my soul now...

Corsual2272d ago

We find it's best to sign over your soul as though it were a preorder deposit; best to get these things out ofthe way nice and early. ;)

FAT MAN GO BOOM2270d ago

HEY, been watching a lot of your videos and that.. man... thanks eh... please keep up the great work...

Awesome game can't wait..

Hopefully we can get a game or two going...

Corsual2269d ago

Thanks so much, mate! Be sure to come join our livestreams on so we can get some games going!