Spectacular War Thunder CGI Trailer

Gaijin Entertainment shows off their game with this new CGI-trailer for PC MMO-combat game War Thunder, also the launch title for PlayStation 4.

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nades_all_night2267d ago

Cool trailer. All out land, sea, & air huh?! Count me in.

sigfredod2267d ago

For this game i'm sold already not for this trailer, but for the actual gameplay footage, my only concern is how gaijin will balance the combat, i mean tanks in WWII are ver weak against planes, those were only for infantry warfare didn´t have AA guns, also tanks have nothing to do against battleships, someone here is on the beta or know how they will balance the combat?

fOrlOnhOpe572267d ago

Totally agree. So pumped for this though.

ZBlacktt2267d ago

Man, I could just watch this whole movie if that's what it was. That was cool.