Stranglehold Confirmed for Launch

Playfrance reports that Midway has confirmed that Stranglehold will be amongst the PlayStation 3 launch titles on November 17 in Europe.

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Gamer135830d ago

Well ive got a 360 which i like alot and ill be getting a PS3 at launch but im not sure which system i should get this game for, but i think it won,t be much diffenece graphics wise, ill just wait and see - but otherwise the game looks amazing from what ive seen.

I think this will be a Killer Action Game.

andy capps5830d ago

Since it's multi-platform it will probably be about the same graphics wise. It will probably just be personal preference on your part. Sounds like a pretty good launch title, and I hope the game turns out well. Definitely looks like a rental for me though.

Marriot VP5830d ago

this one game really got me excited. I think it launches on the 360 around the same time.

Phytonadione5829d ago

I hope it's more than just a prettier Max Payne...not that there was anything wrong with MP, but I've played my share of copy cats since the original and am getting a little bored with the gameplay. A good storyline and well placed/timed scripted events could obviously turn things around, so here's to hoping a big time movie director gets it right.

schnodder5829d ago

i think the graphics will be the same ... but i want to have this game with rumble.

Brooklynite5828d ago

I really want this game when i get a ps3. i wouldnt want it for my 360 because i wanna see how that tilt sensor on the ps3 works for this game.