ZTGD | Angry Birds Trilogy (Wii U) Review

Ken McKown writes: When I finally sat down to put words to paper on Angry Birds Wii U, I was left wondering what else I could say that hasn’t already been said. Angry Birds is the biggest thing in gaming right now. Love it or hate it, everyone knows it, and nearly everyone has played it. That made me wonder why it was so late hitting the Wii U, the console it seems most likely to fit on. The use of the touchpad along with the audience seems ripe for the picking, but then again it is also $50 for a set of games anyone can obtain for one tenth of that on other platforms.

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3-4-52272d ago

@ $50 - 5/10

@ $5.00 - 8/10

DMLFury2272d ago

@ Free(Android) 10-10.