Max Steel: Rise of Elementor Review [Capsule Computers]

Matt Vella of Capsule Computers writes:

I know I’m going to sound old, but back in my day Max Steel was a totally different character. He was a little more GI Joe and a little less Ben 10 if you know what I mean. But hey it’s the 2010′s and we all know that means everybody get’s a reboot and an endless runner tie-in game on mobile devices. Meet Max Steel: Rise of Elementor. It’s not setting out to be innovative or anything special, just a simple cash-in to make fans of the series happy. But while it may not be incredibly revolutionary, it does have some nice ideas thrown in which stop the game from being incredibly generic. Max Steel: Rise of Elementor does the bare minimum to keep fans of the franchise happy and is a decent effort to say the most.

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