Diablo 3 PS3 review – PlayStation’s latest evil in residence is the hell of the ball | OPM

OPM: "Starbreeze’s Syndicate, Ninja Theory’s DmC and 2k Marin’s original design for its Xcom shooter were all lambasted for taking liberties with their source material, somehow missing the point of their prequels. Diablo 3 by contrast is nothing if not the essence of the original games, and the anachronisms it displays in everything from an absence of character customisation to low-rent animations are more endearing than underwhelming. It’s an ancient evil residing in a new place, and the marriage of Blizzard’s defiantly old-school dungeon-crawling with its mesmerising craftsmanship works unquestionably. A deceptively simple and expertly constructed Beelzebub-basher, translated smartly for a platform not immediately receptive to the genre."

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gaelic_laoch2275d ago

Not to sure what to make out of 8/10 from OPM.

Godmars2902275d ago

"Worth buying."

How hard is that to understand? Does a review have to be 9/10~10/10 to send that clear of a message?

gaelic_laoch2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

I am honestly not bashing the game I love these type of games!!!!! My eyes were bloodshot playing Diablo 2!

I just always thought OPM always rated games like this 9! Over on eurogamer it got 9! I will be picking it up for the PS4!

sobotz2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

The game is awesome, especially if you play it with your 3 friends online.

Also, it can be played offline, it's worth buying imo

Tykis2275d ago

Think i'm going to wait for the ps4 version.

DivineAssault 2274d ago

im going to just wait for the PS4 version.. I will be buying this game though