The JoJo Fighting Game is Full of Love, But Plagued by DLC

Kotaku: "Based on the manga series by Hirohiko Araki, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle is basically a love letter to the series' multitude of fans."

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nick3091880d ago

Just bought this digital , comes with kira dlc, and i bought the other dlc.. Cant wait to install.

Transporter471879d ago

I love JoJos Bizarre adventures wish they could bring this to the states since i can't read kanji nor know japanese

Lavalamp1879d ago

At the very least, it's coming out for a region-free platform from a publisher without an online-pass policy. And coupled with the fact that it's a fighting game rather than something more heavy on story, this will be a very import-friendly title.

nick3091879d ago

You should buy it, i bought it today and im really enjoying it. For the story ill just read the mangas and wait for the anime to continue.

Lavalamp1879d ago

I've had my copy pre-ordered for weeks and I'm anxiously anticipating its arrival :D