Nintendo 2DS targeting demographic of 'very young kids,' says Nintendo

Nintendo's recently announced Nintendo 2DS, a version of the Nintendo 3DS hardware that's playable only in 2D, will target a demographic of thrifty consumers as well as "very young kids," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told CNBC.

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HolyDuck2269d ago

"Very Small Kids"

Okay, I can understand somewhat, because of the affects of 3D on younger children.

But how does leaving the screens exposed to the elements aimed at kids? It just seems stupid, unless they're hoping for children to drop stuff on the screen so they have to buy another one?

SuburbanHell2269d ago

It's essentially targeted as a Pokemon machine, so probably a cash cow in that alone.

user55757082269d ago

how about the micro DS? you can inject it into the womb so the child can play when its just a fetus.

dredgewalker2269d ago

There's always screen protectors available. Even my Vita and 3ds xl has them cause I hate having tiny scratches on my screen.

Yodagamer2269d ago

The screen will more than likely be protected by the plastic shell put over it. If you look at it the touch screen is deeper, while the top has a plastic piece over it.

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Mcardle2269d ago

Well its a strategy that's worked well for Rolf Harris.... Sorry

millzy1022269d ago

Ive seen a lot of Ds's where young kids have broken the hinge so it's probably because of that I would guess. Nintendo handheld screens are quite durable so it's no different than the old gameboys

zerocrossing2269d ago

Same here, my little cousins have gone through 3 or 4 a DS's that way.

It's not a bad idea from Nintendo, but it does make you wonder if they knew what they were doing when they released the 3DS.

Ron_Danger2269d ago

Getting the kids hooked early. It's like nintendo's marketing strategy for it is based off of Chris Rock's 90's standup.

Misaka_x_Touma2269d ago

I been trying to tell people this the entire time

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The story is too old to be commented.