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El33tonline writes:

"It’s no secret among my gaming friends that inFamous: Second Son is my most anticipated next-gen title so I was thrilled to be able to attend a gamescom session hosted by the game’s director Nate Fox."

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MuleKick1878d ago

It does look amazing. Hopefully it has that Seattle based grunge rock soundtrack. They've been using Nirvana in a lot of the trailers.

tom1105841878d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if they did! this game's graphics and art direction are just insanely good...

Pintheshadows1878d ago

Yeah. Neither of them were a patch on the Infamous series. They were good. Infamous 1 and 2 were fantastic.

Chuk51878d ago

is it just me or was that version of heart shapped box a little off? It might have been a cover, it was still rad. This is the killer app for PS4. I might need to get shadow fall, a lot.

yellowgerbil1878d ago

check out this little comic I did about Infamous SS
and the cover of nirvana sucks...

Dakriz1878d ago

The game is looking good, I'm no fan of Infamous but it looks good.

saggysack791878d ago

it looks MENTAL, i hope they add a slow mo power.

Pintheshadows1878d ago

Once this and The Witcher 3 are out then I will get my PS3. I will also pick up Shadowfall at that time and, if I can afford to, Watchdogs.

tom1105841878d ago

you mean your ps4, right?

Pintheshadows1878d ago

Yes I do. Schoolboy error.