Life of a Beta Male- Battlefield: Bad Company Impressions #2

Diehard GameFan writes: "Welcome to the second series of impressions on the beta for Battlefield: Bad Company. This week we see the developers respond to the community via an IRC chat that occured last Friday, April 4th. The following is a transcript of that chat:

Question: Will bad company ever come to pc?

DICE: Hey all. Someone asked if BFBC will ever come to PC. No, this is very unlikely. BFBC was built from the ground up for next.gen consoles. But DICE won't forget the PC heritage. :)

Question: Will the game support co-op over live?

DICE: BFBC doesn't include a coop mode. It's definitely something we're looking to implement in future titles but for now we where too busy just creating the new Frostbite engine, the new game mode and the Singleplayer campgaign. Stay tuned."

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perseus3893d ago

Crap. I really wanted this game, too.

scottyd3893d ago

Not cool that those guys ripped the chat from Planet Battlefield with no credit.

scottyd3892d ago

Disregard, they added it in :-)