7 PS Vita lifelines from Gamescom – things that Sony is finally doing right with its handheld

OPM: The reveal of a PS Vita price drop at Gamescom was only one of many of the right moves Sony are making with its handheld. Here’s a number of reasons why the Vita’s becoming an increasingly more attractive proposition.

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mcstorm2267d ago

I still feel Sony has yet to get the right IP's on the PSV or the Right IP's for the Vita wrong.

I am a big fan of the device but as the lineup is at the moment im more excited about the 3DS lineup over the Vita's

That said the changes sony are now making for the PSV could be a sign of a new wave of games that will fit with the PSV.

CocoWolfie2267d ago

oh for sure, they need that game which attracts all ages, i cant put my finger on what game will be that system seller, but pokemon would be nice even though thats nintedos thing, maybe jak and daxter if its marketed correctly :')

mcstorm2267d ago

Lol You were right about the Pokémon cant wait to get it. I do agree Sony need to look at the PSV as a system for all but also give us more pickup and play games.

It has some good games don't get me wrong I got LBP, MNR for mine but I felt let down by both. LBP for me was to short. I know its about creating games too but the SP could of been longer. MNR again was let down because of the lack of MP. I really enjoyed playing MNR on the PS3 in MP but without this on the PSV version it really let the game down.

I though PSASBR was a great idea having cross platform but I could not get into the game but that said I did enjoy playing it more on the PSV than the PS3.

I don't think sony need to copy Nintendo with what they are doing with the PSV I just think they need to look at different types of games on the PSV as sometimes its not a core game like UC or KZ I want to play on the PSV as I tend to use it as a pickup and play for 30 mins maybe less when on the go which is what a lot of people do with there handheld.

Im in no way saying the PSV is a bad consoles as it is far from I just feel its looking at the wrong market as the core market is small as it is even smaller when it comes to handheld devices as the core tend to be a bit picky with handheld games unlike consoles.

3-4-52267d ago

That is a good thought. IT has games, it just doesn't have the games that appeal to 1 million people at a time.

Vita has games that appeal to 50,000 here and 200,000 there, but there isn't really a 2 million selling game.

I know Persona is popular but even then, it is still kind of niche/popular.

mcstorm2266d ago

Yet and that is the issue with the psv at the moment. If Sony can come up with some ideas to help the psv have games for all then sales will pickup for the console.

sinclaircrown2266d ago

I've only had mine since the price drop. Lack of games was what took me so long.

The Killzone Mercs Beta just shows what this little tiny powerhouse can do. Honestly IMO this is top notch current gen, and I've only played the multiplayer. Smooth as hell multiplayer with these graphics on a hand held is what I've been waiting for since I had my first gameboy in 1987 (or around then)

With the support Sony is touting for the PS4, the Vita only has good days ahead, if you ask me.

GdaTyler2267d ago

It better sell in North America. Europe and Japan are its strongest markets with NA as the weakest. I hope the best for it in this upcoming holiday season.

stamps792267d ago

I just recently purchased a Vita a few months ago, Dragon Crown was one of my main reasons, plus the early Sony titles looked great. I was feeling a bit like maybe I should of waited even more, till I played KZ Mercs beta the other day, wow! just wow. The game beyond impressed me and that was just MP, I felt like I was playing a console FPS and it played beautifully. The list of upcoming Indies and 3Rd party devs have made me pretty happy with my purchase and can't wait to see the future of this very promising handheld. The missing second circle pad from the 3DS has been the only reason I have yet to pick one up and 3 of the titles I want to play use it and I refuse to use an attached peripheral to enjoy those games. Sony has made a awesome handheld and until Nintendo corrects this missing feature, I'm sure ill be plenty happy with my Vita.