Games Line-up Will Make Xbox One A Success, Insists Microsoft

The reason you will plump for the Xbox One over the PS4 is the games, says Microsoft's Harvey Eagle, even though gaming makes up only half of the entertainment features on offer.

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Septic1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

(Meant to respond to Maria)

Yeah but its also about the breadth of core experiences. I mean, lets be honest, if Halo was being released at launch I think its safe to assume that its pre-orders would eclipse those of Killzone, judging by the former game's past pedigree.

Look at the other PS4 exclusives according to your link:

*Knack- 40,982
*Drive Club- (no mention)
And err... wait, that's it? Why isn't Infamous on that list?

But look at the launch titles on the X1:

* Ryse- 57,962
* Killer Instinct (no mention)
* Dead Rising 3- 61,254
* Forza 5- 56,201

I mean, the launch line-up for the X1 looks far superior to me. It's the reason why I'm buying the X1 first.

nick3091876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Sony keeps promising new things, but theres is nothing besides indies, just like the vita. I own all consoles and im letdown by all these indies, but i want ps4 on day 1 and x1 on day1, lol.

For 5 months we only get driveclub , a bunch of indies i know ill never play due to being expensive, killzone, knack and infamous....i only care about infamous from this list and im not 100% sure ill buy a console for 1 exclusive i want. We have no idea when 1886 will launch neither about the dark sorcerer. But ill probably get disagrees because im right.

iamnsuperman1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Indies are important on a launching system. How many exclusives (or any game for that matter) are you going to buy at launch (and the weeks after) when you just put down $400+ on a system. This is where indies and F2P comes in as you don't need to spend that much extra (indies usually cost less than a $60 game and F2P is well free) to keep trying new things and games.

What Microsoft and Sony are doing with their exclusives is filling the gap left by the third parties to make their console have a broad mass market appeal. Indies and F2P will be a life line for a system especially in its first year

sincitysir11876d ago

Ur only right because it's what YOU want. U can get wtv u want child u do not need papas opinion! But in case u seek it and desperately want it *whisper* I approve =]

malokevi1876d ago

"Indies are important on a launching system."

Since when? Example?

voodoogts1876d ago

So you buy a nexgen console at launch just to play indie games that have mediocre graphics? Lol

Cogan11876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


since always, I got the PS3 at launch (Still my No.1 console) and there was only a handful of games available with pretty Much NO indies. You played what you had or exclusives you bought. Having so many indies and f2p games this time along with the exclusives that's coming for launch is a massive difference that is only another plus for the PS4.

DebateMaster1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Starting in 2014 the PS4s superior 1st party support will start to outshine the competion. Sony has already confirmed all its studios are working on ps4 launch games. Meanwhile MS is relying on timed exclusives over and over again. Eventually companies will realize this is bad and see more profit in the ps4 because it will undoubtedly have a larger install base than the one. This is why the timed exclusive and 3rd party exclusive strategy will backfire. This will be the ps3 and 360 allover again. The 360 had have good support for the 3 years but 3rd party companies a andoned it to produce for PS while Sony still produced exclusive for the ps3 and destroyed the 3y6 in this category. The PS3 still has exclusive support from Sony while MS abandoned the 360 because the can buy timed exclusives because of the install base of the competition and have no 1st party games in development.

This year is the perfect example what good 360 exclusive came out this year? Just gears judgement. While the ps3 had 10 already. The same will repeat itself with the ps4 and Xbox one because of MS and its selfish timed exclusive strategy. Instead of investing in 1st part studios and finding new talent and making exclusives they instead bribe other companies with money and limit the experience of other consoles to which only helps its fanboys(look at titanfall). This will backfire with the xb one like it did with the 360.

malokevi1876d ago


"since always, I got the PS3 at launch (Still my No.1 console) and there was only a handful of games available with pretty Much NO indies. "

So, your example of a launch where indies were important is... a launch with no indies?

That's... ah, fug it. There are no examples. Your saying that indies would have made the PS4 launch better?

How about more AAA titles? You know, the good stuff, that demonstrates the hardware.

I'd rather play classics on my Wii than any indie on PS3/XB360.

ThanatosDMC1875d ago

^Just check out Minecraft 360.

ShinMaster1875d ago

The cool new thing for Xbox fanatics is to put down indie games.

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GarrusVakarian1876d ago

Because Infamous isn't a launch title.

blitz06231876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Titanfall isn't a launch title either. My guess is that InFamous cannot be preordered yet? I think it's impossible for it not to be on that list

Skips1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


"Sony keeps promising new things"

Sorta like how MS kept promising "new things" for the past 4 years at their E3 conferences???


Why include Killer Instinct??? How can you track pre orders for a small @$$ F2P/XBLA title??? (Not to mention it's coming from a horrible indie dev that hasn't made a good game since, ever) lmao Talk about trying to fluff up the lineup... Why don't you include all the other PSN exclusive games releasing on PS4 day one then?

And DriveClub is given away for free on PS+ (Even if it's not all of it)... You know, the part where Sony gives out AAA games on PS+ as an incentive to SUBSCRIBE???

Septic1876d ago

Calm down mate. Killer Instinct is a fully fledged fighter not "a small @$$ F2P/XBLA title" as much as you would like to believe it to be so.

Name me one fighting game of that pedigree releasing on PS4.

BigShotSmoov0071876d ago

DriveClub is a AAA game? Since when?

Skips1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


Forza 5

Yup, pretty sure it's triple AAA...

Septic1876d ago


Lol the irony here, I have played both Forza and Drive Club. Let me tell you this right now; as opposed to being someone regurgitating gifs on the internet, I can attest to the quality of both titles first hand and visually, Forza wiped the floor with Drive Club. There was simply no comparison.

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Skips1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

"Killer Instinct is a fully fledged fighter not "a small @$$ F2P/XBLA title" as much as you would like to believe it to be so."

- It's free to download (albeit with one character)... -__-

- Not having full retail release... -__-

- And it's being made by a garbage indie dev that hasn't made a good game, since ever... -__- (I thought indies don't count) lol

...Ok buddy...

"Name me one fighting game of that pedigree"

Of WHAT pedigree exactly??? It's being made by Double Helix... lol. This is like me hyping up a PSN exclusive F2P title, being made by Slant Six.

Septic1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Its free to download? So what? First you guys call it a demo then you call it free to play. Which one is it?

Have you even played Killer Instinct? I have.

So what if it's made by Double Helix? Anyone who has played it or is objective enough (this excludes you) to look at the game for what it is, will know that the game looks incredibly promising. As a beat-em-up fan, I'm well excited.

Do you even game?

" This is like me hyping up a PSN exclusive F2P title, being made by Slant Six."

Slant what? The difference here is everyone knows about Killer Instinct. Its been eagerly anticipated for a reason.

Go on me one fighter on the PS4 that can go toe to toe with Killer Instinct. Shouldn't be hard seeing as you say KI is being made by a 'garbage dev'.

saint_seya1876d ago

To help u septic, i can name blaz blue for ps3 that will be 100 times better, happy? i dont even need a next gen console to beat that game.
You remember the final of street fighter tournament, i do.. your great fighting game recibed a nice "boooo boooo" from the people there, and guess what, those guys are profesional players, that play what kind of games? FIGHTING GAMES

svoulis1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

You have to be kidding me. You don't even included the fact that COD is pre-ordered most on PS4 over Xbox One (Do you even realize how big that is as far as gaming goes, I don't care if you're a COD fan or not but COD hasn't ever sold or been pre-ordered more on a Sony console over Microsoft). You don't include that every game that is 3rd party is surpassing the Xbox one on PS4?

Over 100k more for BF4?
Over 49k more for Watchdogs?
Over 50k more for AC Black Flag.

Killzone is pre-ordered with almost the same numbers as COD GHOST for Xbox One.

I mean defend your favorite console all you want, but PLEASE for the love of whatever you believe in make the argument valid.

You also forgot to mention this is just the US sale charts not global.

Look to me its play what you want, get all of them if you can; But if you are going to use numbers include them as a whole and don't make them look better then they are.

Microsoft's BIG IP for launch is Ryse and Dead rising 3, and lets do the math here..shall we

Ryse + DR3 + Forza 5 = 175,417


Killzone: Shadow Fall - 221,710

JUST ONE GAME surpasses all 3.

EDIT: You guys can go on and spam that disagree button all you want until you're pointer finger falls off for all I care. NUMBERS TELL MORE TRUTH over fanboyism. That is all I am saying. SO enjoy pressing it and with every ounce of being in your body, deeply regret knowing you're still wrong.

EDIT 2: To save some of my bubbles Septic, you should just stop, really just stop. Now you are saying things like "name me one fighter blah blah toe to toe."


You, wanna post videos and stuff here ya go.

^That video is of Killer Instinct getting booed at EVO...You know the well known very large FIGHTING TOURNAMENT?

I mean..FFS you guys are getting ridiculous.
/end of discussion.

DiRtY1876d ago

Just like Halo 4 outsold all 2012 PS3 exclusives combined...

Septic1876d ago

What are you on about? I've just mentioned the numbers on there for reference purposes. That's why I've listed Infamous and Drive Club there because no figures were provided. I've clearly stated:

"Yeah but its also about the breadth of core experiences."

So now numbers matters do they? We used to hear this a lot about how Xbox fanboys were obsessed with numbers, but they only matter when they shine favorably for the Sony camp?

I'm not denying that KZ:SF is selling really well. But I'm talking about the exclusives that are coming to the X1 hence why I said:

"I mean, the launch line-up for the X1 looks far superior to me. It's the reason why I'm buying the X1 first."

But tell me, if the next Halo was a launch title, do you honestly think Killzone would out-sell it? And if KZ didn't do so, what does that say about Killzone?

No_Limit1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

So when did N4G start having interest and think so highly of Pre-Order Chartz from VGchartz of all places?

During this generation when X360 games were out-pre-ordering the PS3 on the chartz, that segment of VGcahrtz was like Wii news on N4G.

I just got to laugh sometime about how things work around here.

Septic1876d ago



What? I have played the game. I'll post the video of me playing it on my site tonight if you want. Wanna place a bet here for all to see?

***^That video is of Killer Instinct getting booed at EVO...You know the well known very large FIGHTING TOURNAMENT? ***

Everyone knows that, the reason why it got booed is because of the poor decision to interrupt the SF4 and Marvel finals.

What about this video eh?

What now?

Skips1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


What else IS there to buy but Halo on the 360 these days...


QuickdrawMcgraw1876d ago

svoulis here on N4Xbox you will only receive insults from the huge amount of Xbox fanboys that control this site.Rarely will they counter facts with facts.And we all know why.

DebateMaster1876d ago

Its funny because the pre order stats are us only (MSs dominant territory. Imagine the rest of the world. Let's not forget dead rising and titan fall games will definitely show up on PlayStation the way preorders are looking.

saint_seya1876d ago

Septic, u said if halo was there, then we could say, if gt6 was there.. and if x game was there, and if .. U know the key word here is "IF"--
Its not there, so doesnt matter.
Whats the point of debating about launch games, if we are going to talk of games that are not IN THE LAUNCH

scofios1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


lol you owned some fanboys dude

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Skips1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

"First you guys call it a demo"
Pretty sure that's what MS called it. -_-
I'm actually being generous calling it F2P... lol Sounds a lot better than "demo" right?

"Have you even played Killer Instinct?"
Classics? Yup...

"So what if it's made by Double Helix? Anyone who has played it or is objective enough (this excludes you) to look at the game for what it is, will know that the game looks incredibly promising. As a beat-em-up fan, I'm well excited."

Then this goes for every PSN exclusive that isn't being made by a garbage indie dev right???

I just find it hilarious how you find it convenient to add Killer Instinct, an XBLA game being made by an indie, but at the same time, disregard EVERY SINGLE INDIE EXCLUSIVE (Timed/or not) that Sony showed. lol

creatchee1876d ago

Double Helix is not an indie by any stretch of the imagination - they're third party.

svoulis1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


You are right Halo 4 did do that. And look the tables have turned so far for PS4 and Xbox One.

Please stop comparing xbox 360 and PS3 as they are more irrelevant than ever right now. PS4 pre-orders are outselling Xbox One world wide, its no secret (and numbers are used to show this too). So lets just see what happens when Halo 5 comes out.


I am also only using numbers as reference and I am also only posting launch titles, and to imagine that one game Killzone (a game that was never sold well, and always under minded) is selling pre-orders almost as good as Microsoft's most sold game (COD) should say a lot about how this next-gen is going to start.

If you wanted to just talk about Xbox One numbers you would've never posted anything about PS4. This is the problem with fanboys they think they can spew whatever CRAP they want on EITHER SIDE (not just Xbots), and then just brush it off like "I wasn't trying to start a fight over it I was just using it as reference"

Point is if you didn't want to start a debate then you wouldn't have compared the 2. All I was doing was proving that your post was full of flaws.

Same goes for Sony fanboys. Yes we know Sony has more IP's then Microsoft, Yes we know games will come out in the future for PS4 that we know nothing about (as well as Xbox One). Yes we know that PS3 has a game called The Last of Us. With all that said, still the Xbox 360 did better then PS3 over all this gen.

PS2 won its Gen
Xbox 360 won this Gen

Lets see who will win Next-Gen.

EDIT: @Septic

Cool you played it. Sorry Didn't know that, But it is F2P/Demo etc whatever you want to call it. Cool you have to buy the characters you want to use in the

Honestly though I can tell that you fanboying all over for Killer Instinct and its cool, it was a staple for fighting games back in the day, and reguardless I am glad its back (one way or another).

Personally I don't think its right to make people purchase characters. Since you aren't making that a case we'll just leave it at that.

Septic1876d ago

Honestly...honestly....all I'm saying is that the games line up for the Xbox one is great and MS are correct in insisting that the X1 will be a success because of it. Surely its right for the games to do the talking?

Why people feel the need to bring in the PS4 like Maria did, is beyond me, but people with agendas like Skips down-playing the quality of the titles they aren't interested in PURELY because its not on their console of choice goes to show an insecurity, not on my part but on the part of others.

Regarding the payment model, that doesn't bother me at all. The only thing that bothers me is the small number of characters available.

I put the numbers there for reference purposes. Look at Knack's pre-orders. They aren't swollen like KZ's for a reason but that doesn't necessarily take away anything from Knack nor do KS's impressive pre-order figures take anything away from the games on the Xbox One. Similarly, Halo 4's stellar sales don't necessarily take anything away from other games released last year.

QuickdrawMcgraw1876d ago

The Xbox360 won this gen.Not saying your wrong,but how did the 360 win this gen?

DebateMaster1876d ago

Why are people saying Xbox won this gen? Look at the exclusive support in had from 2009 to 2013. Its a joke compared to what the ps3 and even the Wii. PS exclusive where grabbing awards left and right while Xbox was using the same cycle of halo gears and for a because the couldnt bribe companies for timed exclusives anymore. Sony slaughtered MS completely in the games department.

Don't use the PS exclusives don't sell excuse. Uncharted 2 sold over 5 mil. UC3 sold over 6 mil. Gt5 sold over 11 mil. Gt5 prologue sold over 5 mil. The last of us sold over 3 mil since its release. The god of war 3 sold over 4 mil. Ascension. Sold almost 3 mil little big planet sold 3 mil. Little big planet 2 sold 3 mil. What 360 exclusive sold besides halo gears(dead) for a and fable+dead) ? That's right none.

LiQuiZoN1876d ago

Typical Microsoft.

Front-Loaded. Marketing gimmicks. YAWNNN. How many times will you people be fooled? I mean really. Grow up already.

If M$ was truly serious about games they would make long term investments into new IP, More 1st Party studios and unique titles. (also not try to Bone you with digital DRM everywhere). Just the idea that people support this "Short-Term" kind of thinking is really telling, you probably won't do well in the real world.

PS3: AllStars, Beyond 2 Souls, Puppeteer, Dragons Crown, GT6, Rain, LBP Hub.

PS4: Knack, Killzone:SF, Driveclub (1/2 free), Planetside 2(Free), Infamous SS, Order 1886. And its better hardware to boot.

Please be smart [email protected]#$ You are already the one's who prompted the "Pay for Online" fees, which is completely unnecessary as the PC and Nintendo are STILL free!

Just look at that. Man I wish some of you had more of a memory, which wasn't debilitated from staring at a TV screen all day.

svoulis1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Thank you Septic, that was a much better way of putting it.

Competition in companies is good, if there wasn't any then the companies slack and start being lazy and making garbo.

Fanboys do not help if anything it fuels rage in most people that are smart enough to comprehend that in fact Xbox One will do well because it's a well known console and people will buy it maybe not at launch but down the line.

I am waiting for them to announce one without the Kinect as I dislike Microsoft as a company in general. I owned a Kinect I used it 3 times. I never talked to it. It felt more natural to use my controller for things...navigating without flailing my arms.

I will not buy a console that comes with a piece of tech I have no interest or desire to use, it will sit in the box.

So yeah, When Micosoft decides that people want to just play games and not talk to their tv or wave there arms around they will get me to buy an Xbox One.

But for now, its just PC and PS4.

Because I am not going to lie, I am jelly and I want to play Ryse.



I'd say it won overall as far as sales are concerned. At least in America. Call of Duty is what pushed it and having the DLC a month ahead didn't help any.

I do not think 360 had the better game lineup as most of the games consisted of Halo's and Gears games.

I Won't say which console was my favorite I'll just say I owned both and one has better games then the other.

Unfortunately, gamers don't determine which is better. Guys who play COD religiously will play it on Xbox cause it has party chat. (main reason) That being said numbers are the only thing that really determine anything anymore.


Well if it wasn't all that great then Poof. Titanfall on PC and I can live without Dead Rising 3.

Septic1876d ago

Well I played Rise and to be honest, it wasn't all that lol! I'll update our site with all the hands-on impression of games at the show.

avengers19781876d ago

Yet KZSF has about 50,000 more preorders than DR3, ryse, and forza combined.

HammadTheBeast1876d ago

Nearly everyone is buying Driveclub digitally off the discounted PS+ package.

Knack is doing fine for a plat former that's not really meant to move units too much, it's just a family game.

As for Infamous, why don't you talk about why Kinect Sports isn't on the charts?

ZHZ901876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Launch Line-up is not everything, we also should look at the unannounced future games that are currently in development and not in development yet and how many good games in terms of quality and quantity but how can we know? By truesting a 1st party comapny but which one?
That's personal choice, I choose Sony for PS4 for their history of past generations with their consoles.

Nekroo911876d ago

First retard Infamous inst a launch title theres no ps4 bundle yet.

second:even knack as more sales than titlefall

third: yes killzone as more sales in the US! than all xbox eclusives combined

JokesOnYou1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Yeah of course they will, have you seenKiller Instinct, DR3, Forza5, Project Spark and of course Ryse Son of Rome? Yeah its going to be an awesome launch for X1. Also looks like plenty other great games to follow those games up over the 1st year.

AngelicIceDiamond1875d ago

@Septic don't bother responding. This Maria user is deranged and has following of the rest of the Sony fan community here.

Maria's agenda is to convince and convert anyone who joins here that's a mutual Sony fan (Not a fanboy just a regular fan)

And turn them into Sony Zombies

Its not like he'll make national news or anything all his lunacy will only stay in this small community.


MS does have a great line up I hope they continue great games and announce new Ip's and existing ones. MS can talk about Tv and none game related media but games should be the bulk of the conversation from here on out.

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nick3091876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


I plan on first trying the launch titles if ill get it on launch, besides the indies. i never gotten into indies, the only 1 of them that interests me in terms of gameplay is outlast, done by experienced developers.

I really hope indie games will have demos this time around, i cant justify a 10$ buy for a game i have no idea if ill like.. Gameplay isnt enough imo.

Same for full titles, if theres no demo, i dont wanna buy anything full price... I dont wanna say how many times i got riped off by a game i thought that will rock.

misterssippi1876d ago

All this talk of preorders is silly. There's no guarantee people who preorder by putting $5 down will even pay for the system, or that they won't flip-flop from system to system. Sales are final when purchases are complete, goods exchange hands and no money is owed. Until then its just floral farts & fairy dust for fanboys on each side to sniff & swallow.

svoulis1876d ago

This is true (in most cases) but as launch titles they will more likely sell at launch over someone waiting.

That being said I agree to a point, but numbers are more proof right now then anything a fanboy may or may not makeup in their delirious head. I am primarily a PC gamer and even I see the black & white of it all.

As of now all we have to go on as far as success goes is pre-orders because neither console is out yet.

stuff1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I preordered from Target. They took my money already, so there is no going back for me.

stuna11876d ago

First pre-ordering a console is different than ordering a game for starters! Dependant on price that can range from $50 to over $100, then cancelations of pre-orders can hit both sides of the pond.

IMO pre-ordering a console is considered an investment, because most who choose too are in it for the long haul! Kind of like when someone pays a car note! You won't see many taking their car back once it's a decided investment, they'll keep paying until it's payed off.

svoulis1876d ago

I can tell Next-Gen fanboys are going to be on a whole new level of "intelligence" when the Next-Gen consoles come out. Obviously the Xbox One will be a success. The only difference is, it wont be as successful as the Xbox 360 Launch was.

The main reason Microsoft's Xbox 360 was dominating the US market was price and release. Sony was too cocky with the PS3 because of PS2 sales numbers. They released their Next-Gen console an entire year after the Xbox 360 and launched it at a ridiculous price of $600, while the Xbox 360 was launched at $400 (seem familiar).

This time Microsoft thought because of the success of Xbox 360 that it could force DRM, Always Online, and a 500$ Pricetag, while forcing you to get Kinect. This was how they shot themselves in the foot. But no matter what Xbox will have its Diehard fanbase and nothing will change that.

So yes, Microsoft WILL be successful with the Xbox One. Maybe not as successful as it was with the 360.

As far as launch line up goes. That isn't what is going to make next gen for either platform, its going to be the games in the future as well. Do you guys think that people only buy consoles at launch and not for the remainder of its life? I mean really?

When I get my PS4 I will be getting Killzone, Knack, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed Black Flag, COD GHOST, and BF4.

I am certain that will hold me over until other games come out.

Oh, and I will be downloading Warframe, Blacklight Retrobution, DCUO, and Resogun.'

If I get a Xbox One (when they release it without a camera) I will be getting Ryse, and Dead Rising 3.

Titanfall I'll most likely wait to hear if its coming to PS4 or just get it for PC.

BigShotSmoov0071876d ago

Chances are they're not going to release a Xbox without a Kinect cause they are really pushing the full next gen experience and Kinect is apart of their long term plans which I'm glad they are doing cause it really opens up the door for some interesting things in games in the future. Both consoles will sell out at launch and probably for the rest of this year cause lets face it, both consoles are amazing gaming machines and although the launch lineups might not be what someone is looking for although I'm not one of those people, the potential of the future as far as what they will bring as well as the games lineup is just going to be amazing so I completely agree with what you are saying.