Diehard GameFan: Major League Baseball 2K8 Wii Review

Diehard GameFan writes: "I love spring time. It's the time of year when things warm up, it gets a little less gray and miserable outside, and baseball starts up again after an offseason that seems to last forever. There's nothing better than sitting outside, grilling some hot dogs, drinking a beer nice bottle of pop since I'm underage, and watching a game. It's nice to see the Cubs are in midseason form as far as inducing heart attacks goes and the meaningless stats are emerging that try to predict the end of a 162 game season based on the first week of games. Now, what better way to ring in the season than with a brand new 2K Sports baseball offering, MLB 2K8. Since I've gotten my Wii I've been waiting for a serious baseball game. Wii Sports? Definitely un-serious. The Bigs? Too arcadeish. So after waiting and waiting and waiting for a realistic baseball game, will 2K hit one out of the park, or fizzle out worse than the Tigers (thus far)?"

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