PS3 'didn't do as well as it should have', admits Sony UK boss

PlayStation 3 "didn't do quite as well as it should have" in the UK, Fergal Gara has told VideoGamer, explaining that the high price and 15-month gap between the launch of PS3 and Xbox 360 may have impacted the console's chances of success.

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NateCole1880d ago

15 month head start MAY have impacted?. That's like a year and a half head start.

shivvy241880d ago

And the huge price point

Septic1880d ago

And lackluster launch line-up

PeaSFor1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

and after all thoses handicaps, the ps3 was able surpasse its competitor, wich is pretty impressive.

now that both next-gen consoles are launching in the same month, MS wont have the crazy advantage of being alone selling its product against no competition, its gonna be a WARZONE and this time it wont be easy for MS knowing they will start in same time.

Skips1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

And when they release at the same time, $100 cheaper...



"Now they are pretty much applying the strategy MS used last gen and everything seems a lot more promising."

You mean like releasing a weaker console, and rushing it out of the gate? ...

No... -_-

Or are you talking about abandoning their core fanbase in favor of motion gaming???

Again, no... -_-

SuperLupe1880d ago

The only ones unhappy with the sales of their console is Sony.

Nintendo and MS both gained major market share and laughed their way to the bank while Sony struggled all gen long.

Now they are pretty much applying the strategy MS used last gen and everything seems a lot more promising.

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B-radical1880d ago

They gave enough time for MS to gain momentum that's for sure now MS are being taken seriously as a console maker...if they released at same time and price I dont think 360 would of done to good

I dont think nintendo expected MS to be a serious contender also

NateCole1880d ago

It was the other way around.

GameCents1880d ago

Didn't seem to matter to the rest of Europe. Head start may have helped the Xbox 360 penetrate the market but once the PS3 was actually out there was nothing stopping those that wanted it from buying one.

His statement isn't a comparative one, it is a general one. They didn't sell as many units as they would have liked to in the time frame.

tehpees31880d ago

I think it was more Sony's mistakes at the time. 360 was getting serious calling outs from the media for the controversial hardware failure rates. Would people have put up with it if they could have gotten a PS3 for the same price? Highly unlikely.

MariaHelFutura1880d ago

PS3 'didn't do as well as it should have'

And still outsold the 360 being more expensive, while giving them the handicap they needed to compete.

testerg351880d ago

So compared to the PS2, how did the PS3 do? A little more than half the sales?

How did the 360 do compared to the original Xbox? Oh.. 3x the sales.

come_bom1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

PS4 didn't do as well as it should have because it had a crappie launch lineup and high price, X360 could of sold more if it didn't have the RROD problem and bad press... all consoles had their ups and down.

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beepbopadoobop1880d ago

The marketing at the start of the PS3's life cycle in the UK was rubbish, adverts were rare and usually unclear on what it was they were selling and generally just crap.

I bought my PS3 day one and have loved every second with it, but im very glad sony got a new marketing team, they have been doing ALLOT better in terms of advertising towards the start of the PS4's cycle.

GdaTyler1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Anyways the PS3 is pretty much ahead of the 360 in terms of sales since they are close and it's 15 months younger. Also, Sony seems to want to still support it unlike Microsoft wants to for 360. I expect lifetime sales for the PS3 to be more than 360's lifetime sales.

@disagrees. Did I hurt anybody?

from the beach1880d ago

Of course they still want to support it - it's 15 months younger!

Flutterby1880d ago

I don't know what rock you have been living under but the ps3 has been ahead in sales for a few months at least now

GdaTyler1880d ago

Yeah, but it's very close, but not for long. lol. I expect this time next year the 360 will be far behind.

GameCents1880d ago

PS3 sales are behind Xbox 360 sales in the UK. Since the PS3 launched, the 360 has sold more units than the PS3 so this has nothing to do with the 15 month head start.

Disagrees because you are wrong in this instance (UK)

GdaTyler1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I'm talking worldwide. That's really what matters in the end; the total. Even then PS3 leads 360 in all of Europe. it's about 32 million to 25 million. LOL

Bundi1880d ago

I don't think Sony UK boss was talking worldwide.

jackanderson19851880d ago

70 million sales lost between the PS3 and PS2 yeah i'd say it did quite poorly when compared that way... still 79mil for a console that was initially 600 not that bad really

Cupid_Viper_31880d ago

@ Jackanderson1985

I will never understand how some people can feel so proud of shouting nonsense around.

If your nickname is correct, you must be at least 27-28 years old, can you please explain to me how the PS3 lost 70 million sales compared to the PS2?

It took the PS2 12-13 years to sale 150+ million consoles. So you figured that the PS3 was going to sale the same amount in 7-8 years, while launching at double the price?

It's just mind boggling how a presumed 27 year old can't do basic math.

jackanderson19851880d ago

ok want to do it on the same time scale of 7-8 years.... PS 2 had 117 million sales after 7-8 years... still a loss of 39 million sales for the PS3 when compared to the PS2

it's a loss in sale because they clearly lost nearly 40 million in sales from their previous console when compared... those 40million users most likely went to the xbox 360 as the xbox sales have increased by over 50 million. now i know that's generalizing but still figures speak for themselves in the same time frame sony sold 40million less PS3s then PS2s

callahan091880d ago


The PS2 also had a year head-start and took advantage of it in a way that the Xbox 360 never fully did. The PS3 eventually came out and went neck and neck with the 360. The original Xbox and GameCube came out a year after the PS2 but never did anything to catch up ground. So with the earlier-released console coming out and setting ablaze the sales charts, getting tons of games, and the late-launched competition never putting up a real fight, it makes it even easier for that console to sell big, big numbers, as the competition never gave as much incentive to buy their product instead. In this case, Sony was the one that launched late, and they *did* put up that fight that Microsoft couldn't put up with their original Xbox. They staved off the 360 from being this generation's PS2, and instead what we had was two consoles that sold equally. That isn't Sony's fault. It was good competition, and speaks more positively of Sony than Microsoft, since the early launcher should have been able to do more of a PS2 type level of success, but failed.

Also, keep in mind that by May of 2004, that's 3 and a half years into the PS2's life, they had already price-dropped it to $150. The PS3 is *still* a $250+ machine, 7 years into its life cycle. The greater cost of the PS3 to the consumer has to have an effect on sales.

NateCole1880d ago

@Jackanderson lol!. Get your numbers right

The x360 came out in late Nov 22 2005. The PS2 didn't pass the 100 million mark until Dec 2005.

So using your line of thinking Sony had 100 million gamers that MS started to take away from once the x360 was launched un contested for the first year. The PS3 stands at 80 + million. This is a difference of 20 million which is not much considering that the PS3 is just now reached 199 and other factors.

The PS3 is still less than 7 years old. Your figures are not correct.

Did you account for Multi console owners as well?. You are assuming that all those PS2 owner switched solely to x360 which is failed logic.

babis19741880d ago

i got it june 2007 and i have played the best game ever gune 14th...2013!

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