Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Struggles To Crawl From The Ashes

Final Fantasy XIV was a complete failure when it launched 3 years ago but it appears its successor, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, has not managed to do any better.

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GeckoPutt2266d ago

On what planet? It has received great reviews and its popularity is proven by the fact that its servers are swamped.

CaptainCamper2266d ago

Great reviews, cannot argue with that. And in regards to content and game play, fully deserved.

However, those not able to play the actual game aren't even able to submit a negative review if they wanted too :D

Baka-akaB2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

And why should it be penalized for it ? Only Guild wars 2 had a smooh launch , and by smooth i still mean error and multiple server crashes .

The frickin' barometer , WoW was suffering as much at launch . Despite having a delayed eu launch to help the us one .

Lionsguard2265d ago

Good reviews and swamped servers does not always mean people will stay, just ask Bioware.

thezeldadoth2265d ago

every mmo launch has crashed servers. This isn't a unique situation. Don't read into it that much.

Godmars2902265d ago

Think that's the point: given that the current FF14 exists because of the lazy mess that first version was, Square should have been better prepared for this re-launch. They weren't.

Baka-akaB2265d ago

But that point is , no one usually can be . It isnt as if it's a run of the mill success , we are talking numbers unseen at launch since WoW , wich also faltered , despite their preps .

Godmars2902265d ago

Except that this isn't the usual MMO launch: its is a do over.

They should already have severs prepared if not prepped for what is basically the same game.

3-4-52265d ago

There never has been a solid, smooth, no problems MMO launch.

Not sure what they are expecting.

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phantomexe2266d ago

yea really what rock he been under.

AlexanderNevermind2266d ago

This is par for the course with MMO launches. Weird that the author doesn't even acknowledge this. His point of server problems (ie that SE could see this coming) is true but I doubt this will bring the game down. The game is a blast to play and I would highly recommend it to those who love Final Fantasy and those who love (or are looking to try) MMO's.

CaptainCamper2266d ago

And therein lies the problem. Why is it on par for an MMO game to have terrible launches? Contrary to popular belief, there are some that launch with minor issues.

Yet the AAA games with much bigger budgets can't manage to pull it off?

I thoroughly enjoyed the PS3 beta and I'll be grabbing the game myself after the issues have been resolved.

But I can't stop laughing at the droves of people defending a game that originally launched and failed, 3 years ago!

AlexanderNevermind2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

You are not the 1st to bemoan the issue of why MMO's can't get it right when it comes to their launches. Some of us I guess choose to take a softer stance on a game that is made for longevity rather than the here and now. That being said you have the right as do we all to hold them accountable. I guess some of us take it in stride more than others (it seems you may have some leftover resentment from 1.0- very understable

I personally am not that worried over the server issues. I was there for 1.0 and man this game is night and day from that.

Hopefully they can be fixed sooner rather than later and the game can be judged on its merits and not its launch issues.

Kte2266d ago

Forget all the bashing...people need to stop getting mad cause you cant get in lol there are thousands....again THOUSANDS of players WORLD WIDE trying to log in at one point. SE prepared for a certain amount, but they did not think the numbers would be so high. So get over your B****in..

strigoi8142265d ago

really want to try this one out but the monthly fee i was a bit worried about...

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