Tekken 6 tournament match videos excite and enthrall

PS3 Fanboy writes:

"Everybody loves watching tournament matches between professional fighting game players. With that in mind, we've got a neat Tekken 6 video for you. If you like seeing King do his thing, or want to see some Lily action, this should get your blood pumping. Watching trailers is one thing, but seeing a duo of pros doing some crazy stuff ... it's a whole different experience. There are other videos to watch, so check them out if you have"

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ruibing3844d ago

I hope this game comes out by the end of 2008. I thought heard that the arcade versions is already running on a scaled version of the PS3, so it shouldn't be that hard to bring it to every PS3 owner's living room.

sonarus3844d ago

I am 10 times more hyped for this game than i am for soul calibur. If not for darth vader, i wouldn't even bother with the game

theKiller3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

its just a fighting game!! there is no need for very complex things to do,u will be doing just punches and kicks with some combination u will execute some moves!! they r taking so long to release this game, it better be very good and with each punch and kick shows the effect on the opponent specific part of the body that got hit!!

sonarus3844d ago

My guess is soul cal4. They wouldn't want to release the games in direct competition of each other. I plan to get both though

FirstknighT3844d ago

People play this game professionally? LMAO. This game is so cheap and noobish. I see King still has the same moves from the first game.

mightydog013844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

this is for ps3 go troll......teken is in a class of it own only on ps3 not 360 stop being a fanboy....tekken 5 is brill and teken 6 will be the next. PS open zone? is that ----> way

sonarus3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

how doooo i reeeech theeese keeeeds.

Don't mind first knight he is just mad because the 360 d-pad is incapable of playing fighting games. Your reason for hating on the game is one of your lamest yet. lol oh king still has the same moves. lol i'm sorry maybe they wanted to keep king fans happy by keeping the same moves. just a thought though

ruibing3844d ago

You wanna go this way ====>

RecSpec3844d ago

People play VF professionally too, even more than Tekken, but I'm sure you just conveniently forgot to mention that. Yeah just forgot, nothing to do with the fact that VF is online on 360.

kingOVsticks3844d ago

your raining on everyone parade First, please if you can try your very hardest not to "troll". I know i know then what else would you do for entertainment?um, go to sleep,play some games,comment on games that you actually care about truthfully, go outside,use the bathroom,grab a sandwhich, or the following morning buy a PS3 maybe then you don't have to hide the fact that you think some of these games are cool. I mean I know your a gamer on the inside, all fanboys/fangirls are gamers on the inside but hating a console just because who made it or something else petty is no reason not to appreciate a good game.If you can't thats cool its your prerogative but let the rest of us who are interested in the game or topic about the game give positive or negative criticism not someone who is just here to get some attention or a rise out of people.It wasn't a coincidence that N4G is broken up into categories so gamers with certain preferences don't have to get on each other nerves or way. thats all I am asking man peace :)

Ri0tSquad3844d ago

Noobish and cheap? Explain.

Tryst3844d ago

Damn, I thought you left the site :(

Anyway, so when Capcom bring back all of the moves for the Street Fighter characters in SF4 that will be a problem as well, will it?

Zool 083844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Amateurs you say?

You wouldn't even get past the first round with a ten year old.

BTW open zone that way ---->

MrBii3844d ago

So has Ryu. And Ken. And Chun Li.


perils3844d ago

id hate to agree with first i wont but i think i know what he means by noobish and cheap. you can complete the arcade mode in most tekkens rather easily by press one of the kick buttons (probably hard kick) over and over again. you can also beat someone who is a lot better at tekken by button bashing. the same can be said about soul callibur. granted the last tekken i played was tekken 4 so maybe its changed days now. maybe its just cos i play street fighter and cant get used to the crazy extra dimension!

rosebowl233844d ago

^I disagree completely. I'm more of a 2D fighter myself but Tekken is one of the most genius fighting games simply because you CAN'T button mash. If you button mash in Tekken your character doesn't really do anything.

In Tekken, you do combos with a certain order of buttons. It's simple, but you can't mash to get the combos. This is what makes Tekken genius IMO.

perils3844d ago

the thing is you dont have to do combos to win. you can find a cheap move rather easily and do it over and over again. this is why i lost interest in tekken years ago.

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criticalzero3844d ago

Very Disappointing...Nothing in this games yells out Next-Gen!!!!I expected the people in the second fight to interact a little more. Even when king was bashed on the person, an invisible wall came up....Pretty crappy for a next gen game....

ruibing3844d ago

Why do people always think they can interpolate HD graphics from youtube videos with their eyes? Besides, this is only the arcade version recorded through some unknown means.

Towers3844d ago

Totally agree, nothing outstanding was shown really. Nothing new gameplay wise to make it stand out. I get that people have played the series from the begining will love it as it's a new Tekken with better graphics but for someone like me who has always prefered VF (I bought a Saturn for that game lol) there is nothing really to tempt me.

LightningPS33844d ago

yet another great PS3 game.

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