Rumour: Paypal Holding Funds From eBay PS3 Sales?

Reports are emerging from that PayPal is holding funds from PS3 sales via eBay. Accounts are virtually frozen since you will be unable to spend or withdraw funds from your PayPal account until the 17th or until you proivde a tracking number proving you have shipped the goods.

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PS360PCROCKS4469d ago

ok? who cares their just being certain that your actually shipping and selling a Ps3 or wii and not just taking peoples money

xtopher4469d ago

Is if paypal does this with 500 consoles at 1k a piece, thats half a million dollars sitting in paypals bank. They invest it and make a killing and dont share the profit (some paypal accounts can make profit if you sign up for it) Seems like paypal/ebay decided to take advantage of this. They know theyll have your money till the 17th, yet probably wont offer much protection to the buyers.

The great 14469d ago

Paypal are getting on the action!