When the media sensationalises tragedy

MWEB gameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, takes a hard look at how the media sensationalized the murder of a grandma by her 8 year old grandson.

Once again, a game, this time Grand Theft Auto, was used as a scapegoat.

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HanCilliers2267d ago

Really good opinion here, love this bit "We
live in a society that is full of both light and darkness. Finding
blame with one catalyst involved in an event does nothing to hold the
darkness at bay if we do not analyse all the factors surrounding what

Choc_Salties2267d ago

Stupid dumb thing that has happened. A gun is a powerful device, and seriously, it has to be put into the context of what it truly is, what it is capable of doing. Videogames too. This responsibility has to fall to the parents or guardians of said child.

Load gun when needed, play GTA only when contextualized by parents or guardian, keep gun away from kids.

By contextualization, I mean show kid gun, let kid handle gun (unloaded), explain whygun is dangerous, gun is a tool, gun is form of defense, let kid (safely and responsibly) discharge gun.

Same basic principle for a video game - that is a dramatization, that it is over the top. kids will get hold of these types of games one way or another, but the important thing is to deal with this eventuality early and responsibly.

GabeSA2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Its trying to take the situation and finding a cause of it. Random violence is far higher than premeditated violence and the reason is subjective and depends on who you speak to about it, and what state of mind they have. Its another instance where they would rather point blame than find the answer. How many kids have killed themselves or friends playing with firearms they were able to access from their parents etc? They were not related to video games. Kids are curious and when you have something as deadly as a firearm in access, a kid is going to play with it.

itsRehabTime2267d ago

who has a gun in there own house with a kid? and who lets there kid play GTA?. rednecks.

I hate the way GTA comes under-fire all the time. They forget Mario you can kill animals and rob the dead. The story is based on kidnapping to.