FIFA 14 Xbox One has "roughly ten times the animation" of current gen versions

EA Sports chap promises big boosts to resolution and crowds, too

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ZodTheRipper2271d ago

That can't be true judging by the gamescom demo.
There mustn't be that many animations in FIFA13 if it's possible to capture 10x more for FIFA14 within such a short development time.

listenkids2271d ago

To be fair, Fifa 13 animations are just recycled from 12, so even 10 new animations is 10x

malokevi2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

uhhhh..... what? lol.

How did you get unanimous agrees for that? I fail to see the logic.

If you're saying that Fifa 13 has no new animations:

0x10=10 ???

I think it's pretty obvious that they are considering all of the animations, regardless of whether they have been ported.

You may be joking, but your math is making me do mental backflips.

Judging by the brief gameplay glimpses I saw in the FIFA trailer, it's looking pretty damn tyte.

theWB272271d ago

Animations don't have to be big glaring things...10x could mean everything including more finger movement, extra steps taken to deliver kicks, they stated how the players can now rush to get the ball in faster from the ref. More branching animations you may not notice from the little footage we've seen.

Cupid_Viper_32271d ago

Or that anoying, unskippable, player substitution animation where you're forced to sit and watch for 15-20 seconds for a player to get off the damn field.

nick3092271d ago

We know companies will dumb down cross platform games... Just look how good ps3 exclusives look like... Ea,activision, ubisoft, just like to dumb down a game on purpose.

ghostrider322271d ago

If you can dive at will, it would make trolling online hilarious.

listenkids2271d ago

@malokevi I don't do maths, nor do I care, it was illogical out of jest. Let's drain all the fun out of the post shall we?