Uwe Boll's Postal 2 dream fueled by Kickstarter, morbid curiosity

Uwe Boll, the eccentric film director known for weaponizing video game licenses, is counting on Kickstarter to help fund a sequel to "Postal," a movie that critics called a movie if they were in a polite mood.

Boll's Kickstarter for Postal 2 requests $500,000 to manufacture a "controversial comedy in which we take up current political issues" and elucidate "that there is no difference between our democracy and the prison camps in Russia or China." In the pitch videos, which are split into joking and serious parts – and no, they're not distinguishable beyond the labels – Boll says "there is only me who can help you with that."

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MultiConsoleGamer2272d ago

I will find everyone who helps fund this movie and punch them in the head.