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When it comes to controllers, you wouldn't think that there’s a lot that could be done to improve them. Not without throwing in head-tracking, or allowing games to be controlled with your thoughts, anyway. The most minor of minor complaints aside, the 40 or so changes that the company have been talking about making have garnered a big return, let there be no doubt.

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negative1970d ago

I never had any doubt. This was the best controller this generation and will be the best one next generation.

Thanks Obama!!!!

XboxFun1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I agree, they only needed to make small improvements to an already great controller.

Now, it will be pretty much the standard in gaming.

You're welcome.

Belking1970d ago

Best controller this gen will carry over to the next.

MS designed a awesome controller.

spaceg0st1970d ago

Important note, at the time of this writing, they haven't had any hands on time with the ps4's dualshock4 yet.

So it's not a xbone>ps4 article.

kneon1970d ago

I have tried them both and I prefer the DS4, but then I also prefer the DS3 over the wonky 360 controller.

stage881970d ago

I agree it's a very ergonomic controller but the DS4 still seems better to me at the moment.

skydragoonity1970d ago

This controller is a one up for microsoft.

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