Star War: The Force Unleashed Exclusive Screen

Game Informer writes: "There are bad guys, villains and evil doers and then there's Darth Vader. Perhaps the most famous fictional villain of all time, Vader commands the dark side of the Force and leads armadas of storm troopers. So how come we've never been able to properly play as him in a video game? Well that question will be answered in Star War: The Force Unleashed where players will have the chance to be Lord Vader with all of his powers at full strength. He's so badass that he just walks everywhere striking fear into anyone who gets in his way. He doesn't even have a running animation. Who needs one when you can just Force pull people right to you then get them with Force grip."

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micro_invader3893d ago

That screenshot looks awesome. Can't to play around with vader, and especially with the new euphoria engine.

picker3323893d ago

1 screenshot?

Wasn't much.

PS360PCROCKS3893d ago

Give me, I just want to try out the tech!