Rumor: Tekken 7 and Gundam VS to be the first games on Namco’s new arcade hardware

Tekken games have been usually developed on specialized arcade boards, normally based on Playstation hardware (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, for example, is developed for Namco’s System 369).

Rumors are beginning to circulate about Tekken 7 and Gundam VS being developed for a new Namco Bandai Arcade system, System 478. This new board could be based on Playstation 4 specifications but, obviously, all this info is not confirmed by Namco Bandai.

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BG115792265d ago

I hope they'll take on account the new characters poll of TEKKEN EVOLUTION for the next TEKKEN title.

ironfist922265d ago

Tekken 7? What about TxSF? Not that im complaining about T7, but I would still like both