Ghost takes control of the Need For Speed brand

Swedish studio Ghost Games has been given control over all future titles in the Need For Speed series, studio head Marcus Nilsson has revealed - just a year after Need For Speed: Most Wanted developer Criterion announced that they had taken ownership.

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DirtyMagician1971d ago

I wonder if they will ever bring back the customisation from the old generation of Need For Speed games. I really miss that.

SchwoererBear1971d ago

I haven't liked a NFS game since I think Carbon. Taking out customization and street racing ruins it for me. Lets get back to underground and original most wanted

DirtyMagician1971d ago

Yeh I totally agree, when most wanted was announced I was excited up until I heard there was no customisation. Need For Speed seems to go against what a lot of new games are doing, such as GTAV, The Crew and Battlefield, all different games but all have a lot of customisation.

MWong1971d ago

That's what a lot of NFS fans have been asking for bring back the customization and street racing. Underground 2 was one of the best NFS games I have ever played. From the complete customization, awesome street cars to the soundtrack (Unwritten Law "Celebration Song" to Rise Against "Give it All").

If they did that I'll be one of the first people to put down money on a pre-order.

ZodTheRipper1971d ago

Not doing another Burnout after the success of Paradise is the dumbest move I've seen from any Publisher in a long time. Yeah, keep releasing NFS year after year, that's exactly what people were asking for in past 5 years.

Killjoy30001971d ago

I. Could. Not. Agree more. Paradise was a generation defining experience upon launch, so I've always scratched my head as to why EA and Criterion didn't plan Paradise 2 for 2014 on the new hardware.... Burnout next-gen would be AMAZING. Not just the graphics and whatnot, but the social interactions and online, as well.

10V3N0M011971d ago

I personally think the series was lost from Carbon onward. It just became a NFS version of Burnout, a sort of loss of identity really. They should have just stuck to burnout in the first place because that's where they were in their stride.
On the other hand I always hope the NFS series is restored to its former glory. To make an Underground sequel it better be a new kitted out version of Underground 2 and not just a "new" version with the Underground tag.

piffdabiff1971d ago

This is actually the best step for NFS, if you think about it. I know this studio i Goteborg based and not far from there you got SimBin who dose the Race and a bunch of other car games. And now they can get daily help from DICE, regarding Frostbite 3 if they so wished.

AKR1971d ago

I kind of like Criterion's take on Hot Pursuit and I love their work on Need for Speed: Most Wanted U.

Let's see what Ghost does with the series now. Maybe it'll return to being full NFS instead of an NFS/Burnout hyprid. Not saying that combination was bad...but I do miss full customization.

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