Why The 2DS Is Actually A Good Idea

Random Nintendo examines how the curiously designed, 3D-less handheld will help Nintendo overcome the issues that currently face the 3DS.

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trafalger2267d ago

people often ask why nintendo doesn't just go the route of sega and sell software. nintendo is interested in selling hardware. in what seems like an annual schedule we see new hardware or revisions of older systems all the time. and they most often make money on that hardware from launch unlike m$ and sony who often sell there hardware at a loss.

the 2ds is a good idea in that it offers a very cheap alternative into dedicated handheld gaming with a ton of software already available. on the other hand what it says to me is that 3d didn't seem to gel with gamers. sony failed with it and now nintendo knows gamers don't care for it either.

mcstorm2267d ago

I kind of disagree with the last bit of you post as the 3DS is selling very well so if the 3D side was an issue we would of seen that in the sale of the 3DS.

I think Nintendo made the 2DS because of the issues that have been raised about young kids using the 3DS and I know they give the option for turning the 3D off but this still puts some parents off. Now that a hand held is out that will paly 3DS games but no 3D screen they know they can go out and get the console for them without worry about there eyes.

I still see the 3DS and 3DSXL selling the most but there is a small market for the 2DS which will do well for Nintendo as it is showing they want everyone to paly there games even the ones that worry.

rawshack2267d ago

All so it mite get people buy a wii u as that is a tablet gaming as well

wheresmymonkey2267d ago

I don't see a problem with it at all. you want 3d it's there, you want something a little cheaper here's the system in 2d.

you've got small kids and you want a more robust easier version of the console. well here it is.

I will never understand the mentality of people that thinking that having potentially more people being able to play anything is a bad idea.

isarai2267d ago

Why is it a good idea? well it got me and several other people i know a LOT more interested in buying one with such a cheap price

Ultraplayerxp2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Here's my situation:
I only want to play Pokemon and Zelda.
Will I pay full price for a 3ds to play two games? No.
Will I pay $130 for what is basically the same handheld to play the same games? Hell yes.

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