Portrayal of Women in video games Acceptable sexualisation vs over sexualisation

Now here's a topic the googly gaze of the main stream media never seems to shy away from "the over sexualisation of women in video games."

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Viper72269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Personally I think this whole feminism boom that is going around in gaming media these days is bullshit.

Sure there's plenty of room for games that have strong non-sexualized female protagonist. There's nothing wrong with that. If you want games like that, find a team and make games like that.

But I can't stand this Feminist frequency bullshit where they literally attack games that are not like that. If developers want to make games that include strong amounts of sexual content for male audience (e.g Scarlet blade) I see no reason to stop them.

My view is far too liberal to stand this feminism bullshit.