Nintendo Takes a Step in the Right Direction

GamR Mag Writes: "It is no secret to the gaming community that Nintendo has not been focused on the hardcore gamer. It is also no secret that their recent home console project is failing miserably, and with the new consoles set to release in time for the holidays this year, it only appears that it is going to get worse."

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ritsuka6661929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Nintendo has restored some of my lost faith today in the gaming industry.

3-4-51929d ago

The 2DS is for the future of gaming. It's them trying things out now, so they perfect it for their next handheld.

I love how they are always tinkering with stuff.

They never stop trying. Microsoft has kind of stopped trying, which is why I may not be getting a XB1 and most likely getting PS4/Wii U combo.

Sony & Nintendo seem to be trying.

Microsoft used to try. The original Xbox was amazing!

feraldrgn1929d ago

The 2ds isn't a step in the right direction, a 3ds lite would've been.

All other points I agree with though.

--Onilink--1929d ago

you know.. just because something is not marketed toward you doesnt mean that its a mistake.

If you see it from their perspective, and their intended market, its a genius move.

Lower cost, tablet like design to compete with kid tablets. The design is even toy like.
Its intended for 7 under which is the people that should use 3D in the first place.
It comes out the same day as pokemon.
Its something probably more durable, again great for kids.
The whole scratching, no pockets thing is BS anyway, if kids these days can go around carrying ipads, they can carry this thing.

So when you think about, why would a parent spend $40-70 more on a device that plays the same games and will probably break more easily?

Even the name confusion, which I agree is gonna be huge.. when you think about it, the worst that will happen is that some mom will end up buying both DS and 3DS games, BUT they will both work in the end, and for a 5 year old kid will be the same shit.

Genius move, not just intended for you

feraldrgn1929d ago

I understand your argument, but from where I stand as someone with a visual disability, a 3DS without 3D would be perfect.

I've never seen any 3DS advertisements present their handheld as a device for adults only.

I'm not saying that it's just intended for me, I'm saying that they could have broadened the appeal by making a lighter (cheaper) 3DS Lite, the same design that adults & children have been using for 9 years.

The 3D problem isn't exclusive to children.
Granted, if they make a 3DS Lite (no 3D) later, then I'll have no complaint.

Smokingunz1929d ago

The only hing I see saving the wii u is a brand new zelda metroid, 3d mario and all other first party nintendo hardcore games which should've came out in tbe first'' place, and those games are only going to keep them afloat but for so long.the wii u was a bad idea to begin with.I don't know why they even came out with a current gen system in a next gen space. The wii u games cant even handke ps4 and xbox one games