GTA V Lead Character's Last Name Leaked?

Another GTA V leak, might not be that big but an interesting one to some extent. The last name of all three GTA V lead characters (Michael, Franklin and Trevor) has been revealed.

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psych1969d ago

Finally, this vital piece of information is known to the public. People everywhere can rest easy knowing that this pivotal question has been answered.

ArchangelMike1969d ago

LoL, I'm getting tired of all these 'leaks'. It definitely keeping the hype train in high gear, but I don't care about leaks, I just want the game now.

ShugaCane1969d ago

LOL your profile picture is hilarious. And so is your comment. Bubbles +

Useless article.

CustardTrout1969d ago

Expected it to be Bellic - how is this helpful?