PS4: Going Digital-Only Seems Best Option To Avoid Disc Swapping To Play Game hints Yoshida

On PS4, gamers won't be able to install the entire game from the disc onto HDD (meaning Disc Swapping a must to play the game on PS4).

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Majin-vegeta2266d ago

For me it's always physical>digital.Only cuz i like to hold on what i waste my money.But glad they're giving us options.

black0o2266d ago

as a collector Physical based disc FTW!

MusicComposer2266d ago

I've always felt having physical discs has been important too. I plan to go full digital with the PS4 though, it's a personal preference after pondering it all over. Mainly so I can access all my games from my Vita no matter where I am.

I guess it's a combination of convenience, the fact that I rarely sell a game I buy, and it being a different form of game "collection". Just like my Steam library basically.

Sevir2266d ago

For me, it'll be a Case by Case Senario, games I will play a lot will be digital only so I can access them remotely on vita. But games big on multiplayer like first person shooters will be disk based only because playing first person shooters on vita for more than 30 minutes is pretty tasking. Mercenary Beta is awesome, but dude it's incredibly tedious after 25 minutes given how small the sticks are on the Vita, games like Infamous SS, the Witcher 3, Resogun, Rime, The Order, FFXV will all be digital for me. But Physical Disc will always be in my home. I don't mind disk swapping, especially since I only play a game at a time for a few hours anyway.

ZBlacktt2266d ago

Yep, collectors will never change. I want to hold it all! I have collectors editions and will keep on collecting.

christrules00412266d ago

I'm doing digital gaming except for if I want a collectors edition of a game.

AceBlazer132266d ago

Hmm too bad,still sticking to physical though I like seeing my games stack up.Aside from classics and Indies digital just doesn't have much benefits.

MariaHelFutura2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Nothing is more beautiful than a stack of games. Being able to lend them, sell them, trade them and really just do what YOU want w/ them is very important to people.

MariaHelFutura2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Dub post.

black0o2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

report it or post the link here so we can report it

Edit: MY bad

eezo2266d ago

she was talking about double comment post and not a duplicate post... loolzz

stuff2266d ago

Why are people trying to make a big deal out of disc-swapping? Get off your ass or buy the digital version and stfu.

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The story is too old to be commented.