Xbox One Vs PS4: Has The Battle Turned Around?

Has Microsoft managed to turn the tide with the changes to the Xbox One, or is Sony still in the driving seat?

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MariaHelFutura2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

No, Sony is still dominating.

The PS4 is powered by specs, reality and talent. Not dreams, aspirations, back tracking and theoretical equations. This generation (like I said) is going to be a landslide.

black0o2276d ago

sony has a clear plan for PS4 since the revel .. system build by gamers for gamers

and from sony's support for the ps3 it's so clear that PS4 will start with big exclusive titles and finish bigger exclusive titles

MariaHelFutura2276d ago

100%. The PS3 finished strong, PS4 will be no different.
Probably better (like the PS2) since 3rd parties are going to be flocking to it, since this is going to be a 1 horse race.

sincitysir12276d ago

Couldn't have said it better. The ps3 is burning the track up and I'm sure the ps4 will be no different. How easily people forget history!

user74029312276d ago

where u been baby i missed you.

Megaton2276d ago

Probably not a landslide. Microsoft will spend billions in misleading advertisement to confuse consumers into buying the XB1.

THEDON82z12276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

As of now these are one of the only things that concerns me....I first began to notice this trend (next-gen wise) when M$ announced there specs and specifically there some people just says they both have 8 gigs of ram...Next they Finaly talk about there system architecture and began inflating numbers by adding up all there bandwidth....All I am saying is moves like this combined with the 180s back to back (tryn to copy Sony every way possible) is what can really trick A lot of dumb-a$$ people. ..especially when you put millions and millions of dollars behind it..I am just glad the pre-orders are with Sony giving them the momentum to ride us all back to Ps2 dominance! !!!

miyamoto2275d ago

finally a comment from someone who does his homework and reads his history books!
good job, mate.

set many people free

TheKingWilliamV2276d ago

Maria thank you as always for statistics but as always It comes down to preference. Everyone knows Sony has more first party exclusives but its what a particular gamer prefers you cant convince someone who loves Apple products that they should switch to a Zune or vise versa.

iamnsuperman2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Your back

On to the point at hand: I don't think it will be a landslide as the PS3 proved you can make an impressive comeback. It is all up to Microsoft. The messed up big time in May/June. They changed a lot of things by August but they still have a long way to go. If they just keep on the path they are right now the Xbox One should be fine but they must realise they can't waver from it. Look at the PS3. It didn't sell well to begin with but Sony buckled down and started releasing high quality exclusives consistently throughout the PS3's life (hell we have had one of the best games ever come out this year). Microsoft have to be prepared to do the same (at the moment they are but past history shows they do waver from time to time which they need to stop doing)

Spoons2276d ago

Opinions, opinions, opinions.

joefrost002276d ago

You all do know the Wii U sold out preorders to
I think sony will probably win next gen but I dont think it will be in sells
I just think if MS gets a ptece of the bigger audience they are targeting that would be enough

sincitysir12276d ago

I don't know what ur getting at! Come up with a conclusion!

joefrost002276d ago

Like the analogy
Getting 10% of a country is more than getting 70% of a city

FrigidDARKNESS2276d ago

Like i have said before specs on white paer don't mean a damn thing if the engineering is poorly designed.
One console is a customized engineering piece of tech engineering well thought out in design.
The other uses off the shelf pc parts.

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Majin-vegeta2276d ago

Nope it's been nothing but positive buzz for the PS4.All devs praise it.I have yet to see any dev diss the PS4.

Xbox on the other hand oh boy does it have ways to go.

black0o2276d ago

and as result PS4 soldout everywhere .. and the only problem that sony has is can we meet the demand LOLzz

n4rc2276d ago

And other then fanboys.. Who exactly has been dissing Xbox?

I still don't understand why the ps4 can't be awesome without having to spin the Xbox as bad..

corvusmd2276d ago

You know's because the PS4 isn't even close to as dominating of a console as the PS Fanboys want it to be, so rather than just being happy and letting the console do the talking, the goal is to create a big enough smear campaign that XB1 can't get off the ground. It's done a good job of "winning" launch (which can't really change now due to limited numbers of pre-orders), but time will see XB1 catch back up. It's funny to me how PS fanboys claim to hate all the XB1 180s...because they are listening to customers...then get mad when MS won't do exactly what they want. It's completely see through...they are just fanboys that want to whine about something.

The fact is that as every day passes, those that have pledged their alligence to PS are left with less and less "facts" as to why PS4 is light of recent news, the only fact is that PS4 is $100 cheaper, but is it worth it? You may like PS exclusives better but that is an opinion, not a fact...but I can respect it, I prefer the XB1 exclusives, and to me, the simple fact that the new XBL will be so much better than PS4 is worth the extra $100 ($200 if you count xbl being $10 more a year over a 10 year cycle)...and that way I get a Kinect for free.

Jdoki2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Smear campaign? I think MS have done all the damage to themselves.

Listening to gamers? Yeah right. MS are listening to the sound of reduced profits because the mainstream media picked up on the groundswell of hate for their policies. If MS thought they could get away with the DRM stuff they would have. Listening to gamers!? What a joke.

I have no doubt the console race will be fairly close, but I find this stance of Xbox fans coming across like some poor victimised and bullied children amusing - it just smacks of not having the ammo to retaliate (if fanboy arguments are your thing). People seem to forget the massive amount of negativity on this site when the PS3 was announced.

sincitysir12276d ago

U guys know that fanboys make a small percentage right? So all this smearing and stuff really has no affect on Xbox and Sonys image. In reality they make or break their images. Seriously. How many usernames Do u see in these articles commenting? The same 20-70 people. And I'm being generous. We hardly describe the other 70 millions consumers

AceBlazer132276d ago

LMFAO I ain't even gonna bother reading it lol."Turned the tides" lol, hilarious.

user74029312276d ago

i said it before and ill say it again... this gen is ps2 dominance all over again. it all started on the come and see trailer.

Ripsta7th2276d ago

No ps4 has more heat, but MS isnt that far behind.

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