Microsoft exec clarifies: “We have real, retail consoles running real code”

GC - "Microsoft director of product planning, Albert Penello, revealed that just about everything on the Xbox One is running on final hardware."

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Dragonborn3121874d ago

I was at FanExpo in Toronto and I was able to play Ryse on the X1. Not sure if it was a retail version but it appeared to be.

JokesOnYou1874d ago

Well of course some people will always swear otherwise no matter how many times X1 exclusive launch games are shown running on the console.

black0o1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

don't wast ur energy .. they'll keep at it until the system launches

then it's all about comparison AC/BF/watch dogs..etc on ps4 vs x1, and on on
my money on PS4

jessupj1874d ago

Funny how you always seem to have so many bubbles when you always have so many disagrees.

HammadTheBeast1874d ago

Still, doesn't change the fact that they used Nvidia PC's to show off games at E3, arguably the biggest gaming event of the year.

Anyways, dev kits now are pretty much final hardware, so OK.

SilentNegotiator1874d ago

It's like, 3 months from release. They had BETTER be ready and starting production.

n4rc1874d ago

So was Sony... I always love how shit is always one sided...

Ps4 games were running on PCs as well... And you damn well know it

PFFT1874d ago


Yep no one can deny that fact. Not only was Pc used at the PS4 reveal BUT at E3 and Gamescom as well.

nukeitall1874d ago

Yup, at this point MS boxes are real Xbox One's, not specialized cases (or some would call it devkits) with some hidden PC underneath it like a certain console called PS4.

I hope Driveclub is out of alpha and running at 60fps and not 35% complete like at E3!

trafalger1874d ago

what a sad generation of gamers where people want to discuss all the time about if these games are really running on real hardware. if the system has passed fcc or not. if manufacturing is behind. when at the end of the day most of them have no intentions of buying an xbone.

meanwhile little to no talk is actually on the games coming.

nunley331874d ago

Not encouraging really that this even has to be stated.I would certainly hope so with only a few months to go.Things like this leads creedance to those reports of MS wasn't expecting to ship this fall originally and was caught off guard by Sony.

pivotplease1874d ago

I heard it was a pc with ps4 specs though while the x1 games ran on a nvidia 700 series. Could be horribly wrong though.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1873d ago

go away jokes on you , apologist who would defend the xb1 if it was 1000$.. how you have 6 bubbles is a disgrace and embarassing.

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ziggurcat1874d ago

most likely a beta version.

ziggurcat1874d ago

@ the disagrees:

beta is referring to the development cycle of the game - a beta build typically means that it's ready for certification, which theoretically *can* be the final retail build depending on whether they've passed or failed the certification process (which we don't know, at this point, whether it's gone through certification).

Dragonborn3121874d ago

Adding to my previous comment, when I wrote: "not sure if it was a retail version but it appeared to be," I was talking about the X1.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

thank u! Sick of the fake code going around!!!!

nosferatuzodd1874d ago

yeah right sure all i see i Microsoft beating around the bush if Microsoft was has confident has they claimed they would be shouting off the roof same thing with their tablet they was shouting how we're going to beat apple and Google and when it didn't sell after spending 900million dollars in ad and when Google and apple show their fiscal year sale Microsoft didn't post theirs they just shut up and be silent same when they used windows 7 and a PC instead of windows 8 and the xbox one lol i don't believe anything Microsoft says

scott1821874d ago

Who would honestly think micro wouldn't have retail consoles ready?

On a side note- they must have had brilliant designers working countless hours on the design of the xbone. Amazing.

tordavis1874d ago

Everything will be running on final hardware when you purchase it, so who cares?

Jazz41081874d ago

I was at the gamestop expo in las vegas yesterday and both sony any ms appeares to be running on retail machines. I took plenty of footage if anyone is interested. Ryse still looked the best followed by titanfall, killer instinct and destiny. The sony camp was running some game with war in its title and knack and octodad and had sit down versions of drice club so I could not see the console. I can say titanfall was running off pc as well as destiny and battlefield 4. Dead rising did not have live demo only a loop playing scenes so I cant judge that. I was really surprised how small and nice the xboxone looks innperson since it was made out on here to be huge. Sonys machine if anything looked bigger with its two tier look. I was impressed playing both sony and xbox games and finally got my hands on the controller and they bothe were excellent.

Psn8001874d ago

But do you have enough to go to retail ?

andrewsqual1873d ago

Sweet, would be great if they showed more than 2 titles last week at Gamescom running on them, then this statement would hold some weight.

showtimefolks1873d ago

everytime i go to any gaming site its all about ps4/xbox one and most comments are idiotic and filled with trolls

more power to you if you are buying a xbox one but why do you have to bash the ps4 to make your self or your purchase of xbox one feel better/special

and same goes for ps4 fanboys

why can't we have a real mature conservation?

1873d ago
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JokesOnYou1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

“So again to clarify – we have real, retail consoles running real code. Every time you see a black box running software, it’s the real thing. I had almost 300 people see the dash demo at Gamescom, and people were free to inspect the HW I was demoing on.” -Albert Penello

-I honestly think he shouldn't bother debunking all the BS nonsense on the internet. neogaf is biased like n4g so talking to them is useless. Just keep showing the damm console, games, advertise and once it launches all the dreams of the haters will be crushed.

4Sh0w1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

wrong reply

Metfanant1874d ago

its funny...

-Gaf is biased against the Xbone...
-N4G is biased against the Xbone...

who else??...

there comes a point when if the overwhelming majority is "against" a certain product...its probably for a reason and not simply bias...

look, i know damn well im going to buy an Xbone eventually...too many good exclusives to pass on it...i dont think i could last an entire console generation without Forza in my life...

but ill be completely honest...MS showed their TRUE intentions with the original Xbone unveil...and I don't like the route they want to take the industry...i truly do hope the PS4 outsells the Xbone by a significant margin and turns out to be the much better console...

i love my 360, and im sure ill love my Xbone when i get one...but i just dont like the plans MS has for me as a consumer...

C-Thunder1874d ago

You are right. There's no conspiracy against the Xbox like some would want to believe. They've brought this on themselves over the years. Failure rates, lack of exclusives, nickel and dimed their customers at every turn, the drm attempt...

When you have one company playing all their cards right while the other is floundering with every step, public opinion will sway.

Now, I'm sure if you hop of the Internet and start asking the more casual gamers, we'd find less of a gap between the two, but the battle begins with the hardcore and right now, MS has messed up.

That hardcore crowd will encourage their friends to pick up the same console they own and it'll be that much easier a choice with the cost difference.

There is no bias, Sony is just the front runner at this point.

ArmrdChaos1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago ) get this correct. Last gen all the media was biased against the PS3, but this gen with the XBone there is no bias. I really find all the waffling going on this time around amusing.

Kingthrash3601874d ago

my thoughts exactly...word for word. ps4 now x1 lost.

4Sh0w1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

@C Thunder, ArmedChaos

I don't see him saying that the whole internet is biased, only that there are too many rumors for micro execs to waist time squashing them all. Then Jokes said n4g and neogaf are biased which is true imo but either way whether you guys believe us or not pointing out 2 sites is hardly like saying the whole media is biased. Generally from what I can tell a lot of sony fans tend to go crazy if any site ever says something negative about ps that site is automatically labeled as bias, then accepted again when they say something positive about ps or negative about xbox. Eurogamer, Edge, IGN, Gamespot pretty much every major site have all been sworn off by a significant amount of the ps community. I remember forever when "reviews don't matter", now a lot of the same sites reviews have been legitimized when they gave out a 10 for a ps game. I don't see many xbox fans saying the whole media is biased but it would be foolish to say n4g isn't biased, its understandable though the format breeds bias for one side or the other.

tordavis1874d ago

We never really know a companies 'true' intentions. Sony is now charging you to play online. What is their 'true' intention? Bottom line, we want a product and Sony and MS are the pushers. Is the final product a good one? That's all that matters. It has nothing to do with 'true' intentions. Apple screws over their customers on the regular, but they still put out a great product. Oo

H0RSE1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )


"there comes a point when if the overwhelming majority is "against" a certain product...its probably for a reason and not simply bias... "

Although you have a point, you're actually missing the point.

I won't deny that a lot of people are pissed off at MS, and have chose not to support them this gen. I also won't deny that PS4 is looking to be insanely popular, at least initially, among gamers. But that really isn't the issue here.

See, you can be against something without being a shithead about it, and I think this is the point JOY was getting at. Being anti-MS is fine, but the low blows, snide comments, gloating, trolling, etc. is not, and this is what has been happening. It's pretty evident when someone can post something as eloquent as "xbox sucks" and receive 100 agrees, that the community isn't exactly role model material...

Also, when others post information, links to articles, quotes, or whatever else, that paints the opposition (in this case MS/xbox) in a positive light, and it is met with staunch opposition, denial, and even insults, that isn't merely being biased - that's ignorance. Like JOY said:

"-I honestly think he shouldn't bother debunking all the BS nonsense on the internet. neogaf is biased like n4g so talking to them is useless."

He's right. He shouldn't bother, because much of the community is so one-sided and set in their ways, that no amount discussion, debate, or even scientifically or mathematically proven facts, could convince of anything other than MS is the devil and PS4 is the best console ever.

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Seriously almost all forums and sites communities had been accused of either bias (pro-Sony or anti-MS)... N4G, Neogaf, IGN, Gamespot, Edge, Reddit, Dualshockers, RockPaperShotgun, CheapAssGamer, Joystick, ArsTechnica, Andriasang, Eurogamer, Siliconera, Engadget, Youtube, Twitter... Damn even the likes of Kotaku and VGChartz have been accused lately! The only place left out is Polygon and no one's buying their crap.

Please tell me at which point we got to stop prentending the problem is just with some obscure fanboy sites and recognize the negativity towards MS/positivity towards Sony is simply general? And if it's "general", who is to blame?

JokesOnYou1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Ok bishop show a link on n4g where xbox fans are calling sites other than n4g or neogaf biased??? However I can show theres plenty of stuff like this where in the 1st link as recent as the initial specs comparison eurogamer/digital foundry are well respected, no claims bias...then in the 2nd link 3rd and 4th comments basicly call them liars with no credibility and theres like 190+ /180+ agrees for both and so on throughout that thread. lol, again ps fans opinions change whichever way the windblows. I think very few sites are bias against xbox, even though all are negative from time to time its business unless they CONSISTENTLY badmouth the brand.

Dont even get me started with links showing a low score for a ps3 game with tons of "reviews dont matter" comments, but UC and TLOU especially seems reviews matter again. Come on bro Im not new here, we both know how n4g is.

patterson1874d ago

JokesOnYou's name is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Oh the irony.

JokesOnYou1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Yep patterson but you still can't deny how right I am....resorting to off topic (very unoriginal) comments about my username only highlights your inability to respond with some creditable counter info/links.

Now Sir you understand why my username is appropriate for members such as yourself on this site.

Megaton1874d ago


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ArchangelMike1874d ago

Buuut... what? You just know there is a 'but' somewhere in there that he's not telling us.

Quote - “At this point, just about everything is running on “near final” Hardware."

I think the 'but'is hidden in that statement - "near final hardware."

Munky1874d ago

He explains exactly that in the quote:

"Now, the reason I say “near final” is because you guys like us to be precise. Anyone that knows HW development understands that millions of units don’t come flying off the assembly line by just flipping a switch (see what I did there?)

You have many, many units that are run on the factory production line before final product starts as you’re testing quality, tweaking the manufacturing process, etc. But all these consoles you’re seeing are coming off factory production lines. That’s why I caveat “near final” because, before you start full production, you go through many test runs."

Nothing "hidden" in his statement.

ArchangelMike1874d ago

I must be misunderstanding something here... the hardware is not finalised, but they are manufacturing millions and millions of units? It still doesn't make sense to me. :~

BitbyDeath1874d ago

You mean except for the fact that near final hardware will not go on shelves. MS are still in the testing phase, retail consoles to be produced later.

JackOfAllBlades1874d ago

Well I would hope you have real retail consoles running code because both Micro$oft and Sony need to be churning out consoles to meet demand

Deadpoolio1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Well Sony obviously is ready....However Microsoft is lying out their asses and are obviously having issues with production....Sony is estimating 16 million consoles for the 32 launch countries....

Microsoft prepping RROD 2.0 for shipment, are obviously having issues...Need proof, it's there for anyone with more than half a brain cell;

1: Launch countries get slashed from 21 to 13...Their Lie I mean claim because they wont have the localization for the voice commands ready for those 8 that were cut....Then what happens today they come out and say that only 5 countries will have functional voice commands anyway....RED FLAG 1....

2: After speculation that they have not passed FCC certification, Major Microsoft comes out and says that they got their FCC cert before Sony and have been on production......Yet not 24hrs before hand Major Microsoft again had to come out and say NO we are not having production problems.....RED FLAG 2 which leads to....

3: 24hrs ago Microsoft slashes their launch shipment from 7 million to 6 million units.....RED FLAG 3...Why are the numbers so low for something that has been in production supposedly before the PS4, who is again targeting 16 million for 32 countries and has been in production less time....

Again Anyone with half a brain is suspicious at this point, because something does not add up which means that one or more of the discussed problems...Those being that A) the Disc drives are burning out.....B ) The eSRAM attached to the GPU is being fried from the heat produced by the overclocking and C) The chips that work with the Kinect are also apparently having issues and burning out also.....

These are just common sense things that anyone who isn't an Xbot should actually find odd about the One80...Something is not adding up to the Major Microsoft stories

aconnellan1873d ago

Based on what information is Sony 'obviously ready'? I'm not trying to disagree, I'm just asking out of curiosity.

And in reply to your numbering, I think that's where I am disagreeing:

1. Why is it, when people say "Microsoft are having hardware issues" and then Microsoft come out and say "no we aren't", it's considered a lie? (I didn't know about the 5 countries only though, so there you go)

2. Same with this one, Microsoft doesn't need to show everyone they've had FCC approval because it's pretty much a given. This has never been an issue in the past, no one's ever said "Oh man, I hope the Windows tablet passes FCC certification." It's nitpicking. Then, again, when people say they don't have it, Microsoft comes out twice and says "Well, actually we do", it's again considered a lie? Perhaps they didn't think it was necessary until the internet deemed it necessary?

3. I didn't know about the slash in shipments, but I'm sure if there was something wrong with the hardware then they would delay all shipments, instead of just 1 million.

I could still be wrong, and you could be very right, but my question is why is everyone saying stuff like "this is common sense" when it's anti-Microsoft? And only when it's anti-Microsoft? I don't find that to be common sense at all.

In response to Microsoft being liars, I could go on about how Sony said "You will never have to pay for online" a couple of years ago, and now they're introducing a pay-to-play online scheme just like Xbox Live and no one brought up their previous statement.

While I'm at it, every time I mentioned Happy Wars (a F2P game on the Xbox 360), I received plenty of "It's not free if you have to pay for Xbox Live", and now that Warframe and other such 'exclusives' are coming to PS4, they're apparently F2P when they too are behind that same paywall. What's up with that?

Automatic791874d ago

At this point it is important to run games on retail consoles to ensure gamers know the system and what it can do.