Game of the Day: Earthbound | The Sandbox

The Laymen's Gamer goes back to Earthbound to share its quirkiness and fun gameplay: " If you haven’t gotten the point of why I love it, already, then you should take the following sentence to heart if you haven’t taken anything to heart yet: Earthbound is for the kind of gamer who is able to put aside expectations and simply enjoy a game. This is a game that is low on flash and bang and just high on fun. I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to rekindle what it means to be a retro gamer and for anyone who wants to see what all the fuss is about."

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TheEvilWithin2266d ago

Awesome game! In the middle of it now.

warewolfSS2265d ago

Dude I wish I could recapture the feeling of being like 12 and getting it from toys r us and the smell card that cme with it. Life changing.

TheEvilWithin2265d ago

I'm with you bud. 90's gaming! Nothing will ever compare to that time period.

laymensgamer2265d ago

Things are different but not always for the worse. The nostalgia is great though.