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The Laymen's Gamer takes a sneak peek at the coming NHL game from the EA Sports franchise: "I love hockey. I love the Red Wings. I love video games. I hate and love EA Sports’ NHL franchise. Ever since its conception right up until NHL 2001, I had owned each release at some point. I started to drift away from the series because the color commentary was getting to be too much and the play style was feeling more arcade-like with every release and I didn’t like that; until NHL 12, that is, where the series returned to a more realistic approach and made way for NHL 13, my first franchise purchase since 2000. The new skating mechanic changed the way I played the game, from top to bottom, and felt as though it didn’t matter if the game was the same on many levels – there were improvements but nothing felt drastically different – that one big change was the game-winning goal and I loved it. I still play it to get my fix in-between seasons.
That brings us to NHL 14 which promises a few things – a huge change to fighting and collisions as a whole and revamps to things like goaltending and stickhandling. Of course, there’s your usual ‘improvements’ but let’s look at the things that EA Sports is pimping to be the biggest factors in selling the game to the masses, shall we?"

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