Xbox Live Arcade Sales Top 100 - 4/12/08 (Ikaruga ~22.3k)

VGChartz writes: "This week was a good week for the Arcade. Although sales might of been the result of the market playing "Catch Up", the correction itself is interesting, as the market has constantly done well for the past few months. On average, games saw a 200% increase, with some titles doing much strong.

Titles with the most notable increases:

-Battlestar Galactica (+2,160%) - Due to 'Play & Win Sweepstakes', and supposed 1/2 Price Day this week (Revenue for the week, however, stayed at $10.00 to be safe)
-Pinball FX (+318%) - New Rocky & Bullwinkle Table this week.
-Chessmaster LIVE (+276%)
-Puzzle Quest: CotW (+261%)

Notable Title Breakdown:

-Ikaruga saw 22,300+ sales in 3 days this week.
-Brain Challenge finished up it's first month on the market, with a strong surge to finish with 67,000 units it's first month.
-N+ continues to creep up toward Rez HD's LTD total. It's now just 15,000 units behind, closing the gap this week by 7,000 units this week.
-Mr. Driller Online, despite the abysmal multiplayer issues, saw a jump in sales like many other titles did. It's increases was fairly strong, after a very poor 3-day opening."

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gogators3839d ago

root canal done without sedation. I wonder how accurate his numbers really are.

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago

Ikaruga? Do you just suck at it or something?