Titanfall requires Origin on the PC, Might Not Come on Steam

Titanfall may be an Origin exclusive, according to a listing on Green Man Gaming.

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ABeastNamedTariq2267d ago

Uh oh. That might not go over well with some people.

Smurf12267d ago

Origin is a great service mate. People who hate it simply have not tried it, or even if they did they are probably addicted to Steam.

cyguration2267d ago

I got a free game on Origin when that coupon code glitch occurred and people were getting tons of free games from Origin.

I've never installed that free game. Instead, I bought that same game, and additional DLC, for $19.99 from Steam, installed it and played it.

I never touched Origin.

AznGaara2267d ago

Its gotten A LOT better since launch. I'll give them that. Origin is my dedicated EA PC game client though everything else is on Steam lol.

orangechicken672267d ago

I actually like origin I don't see why people hate it.

JsonHenry2267d ago

I PREFER Steam. But Origin isn't horrible.

pompombrum2267d ago

I don't think it's a case of people hating Origin blindly, it's just that we really don't need ANOTHER program like steam, especially when it doesn't have the same benefits. Same goes for Uplay as well.. as a PC gamer you now need to run Steam, Uplay AND Origin and tbh, it's more of an annoyance than it is a benefit.

SilentNegotiator2267d ago

"People who hate it simply have not tried it"

Oh here we go...any one that doesn't like it hasn't tried it.

BattleAxe2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Origin is ok, but I prefer to keep all of my games on Steam. The only game I ever purchased from Origin was BF3, and that was just this last June, and for a price of $15.00 (Premium Edition). For some reason they gave me a free copy of Medal of Honor (reboot) for free a while back also. Titanfall looks great, but I'll probably end up waiting for a few months after it releases, just to see how this plays out.

JasonXS122266d ago

Origin is nothing more than a software based digital market mainly exclusively for EA titles. There is practically no form of social interaction other than seeing what games your friends are playing.

Steam, on the other hand, is a digital market, social hub, self sustained community market and an online store that houses nearly every PC game.

guitarded772266d ago

No Steam, no PS3&4? Are Respawn and EA trying to kill any hope of building a franchise?

llMurcielagoll2266d ago

"Origin is a great service mate. People who hate it simply have not tried it, or even if they did they are probably addicted to Steam."

We have an agent of EA over here!

towelie12882266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

completely disagree Origin is garbage
i use it but its sucks
always crashing and whenever i try and redeem games it seems like that service is always down
and takes forever

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SaffronCurse2267d ago

Origin isn't even that bad. People just love hating on Ea.

Irishguy952267d ago

I do hate the way its mandatory for ea's pc games.

pompombrum2267d ago

Lets see, they force EVERYONE who plays an online EA game to make an origin account then brag about registration numbers of the service.. that alone gives me enough reason to dislike EA.

Still, explain to me what's good about Origin that makes it unique and appealing over say steam?

guitarded772266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

No, I've never been on the hate EA bandwagon... I've actually defended them on several occasions when people were complaining about trivial and even made-up stuff... but Origin sucks. It is one of, if not the worst gaming services ever imagined. It hurts EA having some of their games require the service, and ultimately hurts the online community because less people may end up playing. Origin isn't a service for the gamer, Origin is EA's overarching cloud based DRM machine.

TheFamous12267d ago

It's not that bad.. Steam is nice because it is convenient to have all your games in one library.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

bf3 sold millions on pc..
This will sell.

Even simcity sold millions lol.

Let the pc gamers kick and scream then buy.

Complain about drm but now it's not the right drm.

We want valves drm!!! lol

pc gamers smh

diablo 3...


console gamers are not the only fools..

hiredhelp2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

This published by EA All EA games now origin. Myself im buying this game i play bf3 on origin same as i switch to Uplay to play far cry 3 or GR- Future solder Same way as i play rest of my huge library games on steam. Because its not all connected to steam doesn't stop the enjoyment of a game. After all we in a generation of workstations where multiple applications work just fine.

ATi_Elite2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

OMG I "WAS" excited for Titanfall and now Not so much!

I DO NOT like Origin! but hey I'm gonna have to use it for BF4.

Kinda Knew EA was gonna do this. BF3 PC on origin made EA a Ton of cash. like 7 million PC units sold!

I think it's a Bad move for a New I.P. to limit it to Origin as EVERY P.C. Gamer was gonna bite the Bullet for Battlefield but they may NOT bite the Bullet for Titanfall.

It just sucks that every DARN publisher is making it's own game App. It's getting annoying.

hiredhelp2266d ago

You gotta understand By EA having Origin and Ubisoft having Uplay it cuts out the middle man example steam being paid for there services. It's buisness practice on other hand EA have there own servers good or bad and cloud save system. I really have no issues using all 3 as PC Gamer but one program i do hate dont use is GFWL

skept3k2266d ago

Holy fail, god Origin is so shit.

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jackanderson19852267d ago

thought they had confirmed it was origin only? or maybe i'm just dreaming... anyways not sure what the big deal is it's a free download....

SonyNGP2267d ago

No surprises here. It's an EA game after all.

Eldyraen2267d ago

Pretty much.

Basically I expect any game made by EA/Ubi to require their respective service at this point even if there is an option to buy elsewhere. Its standard practice nowadays.

I would rather have it on Steam myself but not a big deal really. Main reason I like Steam is keeps everything tidy (as most of my games are tied to it).

aliengmr2267d ago

Difference is you can actually buy Ubisoft games on Steam.

EA wants to force users to use Origin so they don't sell anything new on Steam.

Would mind at all if Origin did what Uplay does but EA wants to force the issue.

pompombrum2267d ago

You might be able to technically buy games on Steam but you still need to use Uplay to play the games. At least that's the case with Blacklist.

aliengmr2266d ago


Yes, and I am fine with that.

Point is, I don't appreciate being forced as a consumer. Its trivial for sure, but I'm stubborn like that.

jamz42267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Origin gets a raw deal and sits in steam's shadow but it seems the biggest problem with it is having to split your games between both systems - it's fine

Feralkitsune2266d ago

Yea, it's SO HARD. to click a button in your start menu just because the game was installed by a different program. /sarcasm. These guys find the smallest things to complain about.