"You are small, you are weak" - the deadly enigma of Below on Xbox One | OXM UK

OXM UK: "'Below lies what, exactly?' is the question Capybara wants you to ask, again and again, of its timed Xbox One exclusive, though that's not a question the Toronto, Canada-based developer seems prepared to answer. Not knowing is, after all, Below's key hook - it's a game that deprives you of solid ground, in which players burrow endlessly for a resolution that may only ever take the form of grisly death care of nebulous, Lovecraftian terrors."

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pedrof931903d ago

So they have a Indie...

Belking1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

You didn't believe all that other stuff about indies only going with sony did ya? Indies will be supporting xbox-one just as well. They know that xbox-live offers great opportunities for them to make money. xbox-360 had huge indies support. Even more than ps3 did. They will be there for xbox-one too. The one!

@m-m below

"Going all out for that comment section ban again?"

I'm sure i will get it sooner or later. Speaking the truth hurts feeling around here. It's expected and the only time the "rules" are enforced is when the ban hammer comes It's called favoritism.

pedrof931903d ago

Well I know that, but apparently Xboxers only care about AAA and mock Sony for all the Indie support.

M-M1903d ago


Going all out for that comment section ban again?



XboxFun1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )


And Sonytrolls only care about hUMA and FCC reports.

On topic:
This game looked great from the previews that I saw. I love the look of the game, the small character in a huge environment gives it that true alone and overwhelmed feeling.

This will definitely be a day one purchase as soon as it's available.

malokevi1903d ago

How does that comment deserve a ban? Lol.

Xbox Live indie section... its huge. Minecraft?


More than one indie. Also, most of the indies that are going PS4 are timed exclusives!

Yeah, we can pull that card too.


Golden_Mud1903d ago

@pedrof93 not all xboxers are fanboys so no , for me I state this "Indie developers are the developers of the future"

JokesOnYou1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

"Well I know that, but apparently Xboxers only care about AAA and mock Sony for all the Indie support."

-No pedro, I have no problem with indie games or support. What I don't want is a heavy focus on indie games, no more than I want micro to focus too much on full Kinect casual games= Variety, Diversity is always good, I welcome all kinds of games. With that said both just need to keep the main focus on core games which is the #1 reason I'm buying my console.

Sitdown1903d ago

Clearly you can recognize the difference... Or maybe you can't. Most Xbox fans were not necessarily knocking indies, but felt like gamescom was mostly about indie games. I do not know about you, but I am not dropping $400 on a console for indie titles. Look at it like this, the same way that Sony fans saw Microsoft talk about TV during their reveal and now run with the xbox one being a cable box.....same with xbox fans and indie support, when you can get an ouya. At the end of the day it's crazy, because both consoles will be available to everybody, and instead of just enjoying what they have to offer and the system they choose....they work hard to degrade others and their choice.

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Whitefire1903d ago

I believe this is a timed exclusive as well.

jackanderson19851903d ago

well rumors are making the rounds that a large part of the sony indies they're bigging up are also heading to the X1.

i know the makers of that oddworld game have applied for an X1 dev kit and said that they'd publish if MS got rid of the need for publishers (which MS did infact get rid of)

PeaSFor1903d ago

@ jackanderson1985

thats why when sony talk, they say "exclusive console debut"

...and MS simply say its "Exclusive", like they insinuated with the Twitch service, hell even major "goober douche" nelson said that MGS5 was XBONE EXCLUSIVE.....

thats two different approach i guess.... one is blatantly lying and the other is not bullshiting their fans.

FamilyGuy1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Almost all the indie games on both PS4 and Xbox 1 are going to be on both systems eventually. The only ones that are true exclusive are the in-house titles, the ones that get Sony or MS to publish them rather than self-publishing them and the ones with a gripe against the system they aren't working on.

kewlkat0071903d ago

XboxOne is looking like it does Indie, AAA games and much more...

This game looks interesting..

GameCents1903d ago

Indies AND AAA...not just indies, f2p and 3 AAA games

AceBlazer131903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Keep praising those AAA games and don't buy them I see titanfall and ryse struggling at the bottom of pre-order lists on xbone.stupid argument considering Xbox has only 1 more AAA than ps4.

FamilyGuy1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I saw this game at E3 and was pretty jealous because I like the theme and art style. It's really cute to me ^_^

I was pretty happy to hear it was only a timed exclusive. I don't know how Sony didn't snatch this one up first but I'm glad it'll come eventually.

MS had a ton of great indie titles this gen, an a lot of them were exclusive for a long time like Castle Crashers for example. I'm glad Sony got on this bandwagon and started picking up more of these cool, surprising, fun, quirky and cheap games.

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jimbobwahey1903d ago

Looking forward to playing this on PS4 :)

hazardman1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

It was funny you put the smile at end. Because every time a PS fan says that sentence,I have to laugh..I mean even if its coming to PS4 the Xbox fans are playing it 1st!! We still have to wait which is BS..the points moot!!

nosferatuzodd1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

wow xbox fans can fight tooth and nails over the simplest thing the man just said looking forward to play it on ps4 and look how rattled you get its like bugs bunny teasing Elma FUD

RytGear1903d ago

Oh, my mistake, I thought this title was referring to how Microsoft views its customers. Sorry, my bad.

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1903d ago

Why do xbox fanboy bash indie's and sony for supporting them? Do they not realise this is where the next big developers come from.They will be praising them later but hatied on them in the beginning.

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