Worms Clan Wars Review (Invision Game Community)

Worms is a name which has now been around in the gaming world for eighteen years. From the release of Worms in 1995 to last year’s addition to the franchise in the form of Worms: Revolution, the series has remained extremely popular and still boasts fans both young and old who have held on tight for the ride. This year we have been graciously rewarded for this long-enduring support with another new title being released for us to enjoy; Worms Clan Wars.

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malokevi2276d ago

I say this in every Worms article, and it's always met with echoes, but BRING IT TO NEXT GEN!!

Armageddon and Revolutions are two of my most played games. Great for playing local MP with buddies.

I don't think anyone else on N4G shares my enthusiasm, lol.