The Co-op Podcast 57: Who Does The Nintendo 2DS Appeal To?

Gary Swaby of writes: The news of the Nintendo 2DS hit just today, right before we was about to record The Co-op Podcast. So we knew we had to discuss the new device, especially since it has confused many people. So you can now play 3DS games in 2D for $40 cheaper, but who does this appeal to exactly? Would it be better to spend an extra $40 to play games in full 3D? Of course the Nintendo 2DS plays both DS and 3DS games, but is that enough to warrant Nintendo flooding the market with yet another DS device? Let us know your views whether positive or negative.

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MrKennedy1881d ago

This is a podcast about games.

IRetrouk1880d ago

Well im looking at it as christmas gifts for the kids, they will love it.

MultiConsoleGamer1880d ago

Kids mainly. Those too young to use the 3D features found on the standard model. Also budget gamers.

jcnba281880d ago

What's wrong with Nintendo designing another handheld to appeal more to the younger generation? While I don't like the look of it I still think it's a great idea.

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