Will GTA IV DLC Make a Difference?

GameCritics writes:

"Sony's Scott Steinberg was recently quoted at GameDaily Biz as saying that the 360-exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV wasn't going to be a big deal. My first inclination was to say that the man was smoking crack, but after further thought... I'm not too sure."

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HighDefinition3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

But NOT as much as the OFFICAL bundles. That are coming out THE DAY the game comes out. Think about it, any GTA already sells out on the first day always, some people will just pick up the bundle cause none will be left.

sonarus3845d ago

plankton sucks he ruined the waves of no's

I am getting sick and tired of all these opinion articles on GTA4. Its just an open world game ppl its not like its MGS4 or anything:|

meepmoopmeep3845d ago


in 6 months GTA hype will have died down drastically as gamers move on to the next big must-play

JsonHenry3845d ago

I think it will come down to whichever console you ALREADY own. Not the DLC. But if you own both the 360 and the PS3 the option of DLC might make you decide on the 360 version.

meepmoopmeep3845d ago

i agree. DLC is mostly important for people who own both the PS3 and 360. Then it might matter. But for new consumers it will not be the deciding factor for most.

Omegasyde3845d ago

Yes. It will make a difference, if I decided to buy the game 6 months from now.

So you have Achievements VS. Home.

Achievements > Home

Simple because I don't know what the F*** the GTA 4 homespace will be until this summer. By this time, I will of probaly moved onto another game like Socom and MGS4. I think Achievements are overrated in my opinion by like JASON said it all depends on what your preferences are.

Gta4 360 = GTa4 PS3.

sonarus3845d ago

@omegasyde you do realize home comes with trophies and achievements as well but they are called accomplishments.

I don't know how you can compare achievements to home. considering home has that plus some

Palodios3845d ago


the 360 will sell more games, because of its much bigger fanbase in the part of the world where gta is popular and get a bigger slice of the ps360 owner pie, but gta is much more likely to sell a greater number of consoles for the ps3 with the bundle.

Bubble Buddy3844d ago

By the time I'm halfway finished GTA4 single-player gameplay I'll be all over mgs4, Resistance 2, LBP, and then Killzone 2. I'll try to fit in school somewhere in there. ;). Thank God summer's close by.

solar3844d ago

i was just thinking....what other game has anyone bought FOR future content? who buys a game and thinks "man...i cant wait for 6 months to roll by so i can play even more of the game!" this is a new concept that MS has put their money on. it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

jollygoodchap83844d ago

And I getting the PS3 version...tbh DLC doesn't really interest me.

Theres zero info on it and by the time its released I probably won't care or be bored with the game.

That biased Blog on the PS3 controllers finally pushed me to buy PS3 version...That was desperation at it finest, and it was pathetic.

3844d ago
Science_NERD3844d ago

Your comment belongs in the open section not here. Was the Posting Guidlines not large enough or easy for an illiterate like you to read? Take your homosexual comments and go to a gay website where it belongs. Telling people that they have Sony's p3nis in their a$$ is an impossibility, Sony is a corporation, how the h3ll is it supposed to have a p3nis? You have to be the most stupid POS on this website so get lost, youre not welcome here.

wow4u3844d ago


Exclusive Expansions *are going to make a difference*. You can argue *how much*.

Did GTAIII:VC or GTAIII:SA "make a difference"? Sure, they sold more than the original GTAIII.

It will make a difference to gamers who want to play the only full GTAIV experience. I know it. And all the "no"-PS3 owners above me know it.

Jealousy is a terrible thing kids.

sonarus3844d ago

Wow some gamers have low IQ. You are sitting here comparing 2 full games san andreas and vice city were both bigger than GTA3. Completely different stories with new characters. Yet you want to compare 2 full games to DLC. I know you have a fanboy heart but you can't have a fanboy brain too.

@rubarb. Seriously speaking if the DLC was on the PS3 it really wouldn't change my opinion on which console to buy. I still haven't pre ordered the game because i am still unsure on which version i want. The major thing holding me back from getting it on ps3 is because 3 of my very good friends just got ps3's. They got it for MGS4 really but they will probably be picking up GTA4 as well. They don't really care about it right now but if they do finally decide to pick up GTA4 then i'm going with ps3. If not then i guess custom soundtracks and achievements won me over but definitely had nothing to do with the DLC. I never finished any GTA game in my life yet you think i will cough out more money to add to my playtime get serious.

wageslave3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )


You do realize home.. isnt released yet.

comes with trophies and achievements as well but they are called accomplishments.

Trophies are 3D icons representing achievements... was that "trophy" a "hard achievement"? Big deal. Some Achievements are 10pts, some 100pts -- you need the scale of your Achievement explained to you in a 3D model? Is 10pts < 100pts somehow complex for you?

Are you going to try and tell us that "Trophy-Accomplishments&a mp;q uot; are somehow superior to Achievements? There the same, except one gives you a 3D-icon instead of a 2D-icon (as happens with Achievements on Xbox 360).

MJY2K3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Wonder if the file size limit would still be in place for the market place when the DLC comes out. If it is, then I don't think the content is going to be anything truly special

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Kaz Hirai3845d ago

My loyal minion, Scott Steinberg, was correct! Nazisoft's DESPERATION and deep pockets will not win them the GTA4 war!
Nazisoft, this is what happens when an AMATEUR such as yourself tries to compete with the Sony Side- ABSOLUTE CRUSHING DEFEAT!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 43845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

2008 xBox360...
GTA 4 + DLC(Wonder how much thats going to co$t to buy!!!) ;-D +
Gears 2 +...
Er erm...
Not a lot is it!!! ;-D

2008 PS3...
MGS4 +
KillZone 2 +
Resistance 2 +
GTA 4 (+Exclusive PS3 DLC+HOME Exclusive Content) ;-P +
MotorStorm 2 +
HaZe +
(+Loads more games that are worth playing!!!) ;-P

GiantEnemyCrab3845d ago

Thank you Sir Ken Fishhead for listing that stupid lame ass lineup once again. I think we almost forgot it for 4 secs. CRAPSTATION (tm) fans like yourself are so pityful and envious that you have to list all these games to try and seem important. It's like that a little kid yelling to get attention "look at me!".

You fail so hard. You have the inferior version of GTA so just be a man and live with that and stop being a baby.

You fishheads knew this was coming. If the POS3 hadn't of derailed the release date of the game we would already be playing it. You knew this was coming and you can list every game in the world but that doesn't change that you get the crap end of the GTA stick.


Hatchetforce3844d ago

What crap end of the stick would that be? You mean the crap end because the PS3 looks better?

You mean the crap end because the PS3 has better AI?

You mean the crap end because the PS3 has a more lush and full city (more people, more vehicles)

You mean the crap end because the PS3 doesn't have frame rate issues?

You mean the crap end because the PS3 doesn't have police popping out of thin air with poor spawning constructions?

Crap? Hardly. But since you received the lower quality version on the 360, your answer to solve having crap is more crap makes it better? With that logic you will go far in life I am sure.

ambientFLIER3844d ago

hatchetforce: are there reviews of production version that say all that?

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toughNAME3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

It'll probably be coming to PC so it isn't really exclusive

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Omegasyde3845d ago

wtf? You were the last person I expected to type that.

P.S. Why play this game on a keyboard when a controller is perfect for it? Unless of coarse there will be mods for the Pc version...

tweaker3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Consoles will have the fun first, but when the PC version comes out user MODS will own that game. I can't wait. I still play SA on my PC from time to time because of mods.

But anyways, I'll still be getting the PS3 version regardless of DLC. The game is too long on its own. Plus, there might be a small chance of mod integration with the PSN being a more open network.

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ErcsYou3845d ago

Will it make a difference?? Only to the fanboys... i for one wont be playing GTA4 for the rest of 08 .. i have to many games on my list... I dont have time to be wasting time on old ish

HighDefinition3845d ago

GTAIV will be GREAT, no doubt. But there is too much other stuff coming out this year. I don`t have to name know the list.

Jinxstar3845d ago

I for one would be buying it over anything else first... But thats me.

jessupj3844d ago

I stopped reading when I got to

"PS3’s online experience is complete crap, and since Live is as smooth as silk to use, and since I enjoy going for Achievements"

I didn't realise dedicated servers were 'complete crap'. This fanboy needs to realise that both versions are going to be exactly the same online (minus a few features for the ps3). But in all honesty, are you going to go online to play gta4? or are you going online so you can send and recieve msgs in-game? That's what I thought. Regardless of which console you have, we are all going to enjoy this game very game and get almost an identicle experience.... except of course for the wii owners :D

And ps3 owners will most likely be getting trophies for gta4 as well, so achievements shouldn't really come into it imo.

criticalzero3845d ago

If I were to buy a console for this game, I would buy a PS3 for the following reasons.
1) Downloadable content is coming for the PS3 version sooner or later
2) By buying the PS3, I'm getting a Blu ray player.
3) I get to play MGS4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, FFXIII, FFXIII Versus
4) Home integration has been confirmed for GTA
... that's about it I guess!!!!!!!!

One more thing.....MGS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Breakfast3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Edit: ooops im dumb

Edit #2: Sorry buddy LOL...i didnt read the thing properly...ill bubble you up bad.

crunchie1013845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Ah yes but the point he's making is that GTA4 will sell more PS3s than 360s, which I agree with.

btw i own both and i'm getting the 360 version

edit: now i look dumb! thankyou breakfast! may you be devoured by lunch!

edit 2: thanks. right back atcha

monkey6023844d ago

I own both systems but I'll be getting the PS3 version. It's just my preference

wow4u3844d ago

1) Downloadable content is coming for the PS3 version sooner or later.

Wrong. How about *never*. You guys just dont give up eh?

"So it looks like with this new announcement if you were planning on playing the Vice City/San Andreas versions of GTA IV the 360 is the Definitive version to get, with the first expansion arriving as early as Fall this year and the next one to follow-up in 2009.

* When MS says exclusive, they mean that no other system can have DLC content for GTAIV.
* It will be bigger than a lot of people think. GTA3 Vice City and San Andreas were basically expansions of GTA3. Think of the DLC that way. We are talking major expansion for GTAIV"

2) By buying the PS3, I'm getting a Blu ray player.

A) Digital Download...
B) BluRay discs are like 5% of the market, and very expensive.
C) BR players, if you want one, will cost $150 by Xmass.

And, besides, since when was GTAIV a _movie_? Try and stay on topic, screaming BR! BR! at every topic is tired and boring.

3) I get to play MGS4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, FFXIII, FFXIII Versus

And not Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, Halo Wars, Gears of War or Huxley or...

4) Home integration has been confirmed for GTA

Is that going to enable uniform, game-agnostic, cross game friend invites, text/video/voice messages and custom soundtracks?

Now, I have a question for those who have a PS3 *AND* an Xbox 360:

I *honestly* dont know, but is Home going to bring the missing features to PS3 or will it be Second Life (where you have to all leave your respective game, wait for people, then start a game together -- are you going to be able to send a message from Game A to your friend in Game B because of Home? It certainly doesnt seem so...)

It seems like Home isnt the solution to PS3's lack of in-game Guide features.

As for your first three points -- ESPECIALLY the refusal to accept reality about the Exclusive Expansions for Xbox 360 -- are just a lot of hot air.

jessupj3844d ago

All you're points I can understand, but it's obvious you are very bias and completely one sided. You just completely nay say all of his points without regarding them at all.

The posts that people listen to are the posts that look at both sides of the arguement. I admit I'm not the best at doing that either, but I at least try.

Try to be a little open minded is all I'm asking.

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