Xbox One Kinect is a “much more integral part of the platform”, says Microsoft

Xbox One Kinect is a “much more integral part of the platform”, says Microsoft

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UltimateMaster1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

It's really the only thing that distinct itself from the PS4.
Without it, it can't really be called an "Xbox One" because it would not include everything.

JokesOnYou1874d ago

Glad to see them come out and openly promote their product, regardless of what ps fanboys say. Kinect in every box is a brilliant move.

Biggest1874d ago

This is the same song and dance we've heard since the beginning of Kinect. Everything was promised. Nothing was delivered. Here we go with more promises. I can't imagine what the outcome will be this time.

/rolls eyes

sincitysir11874d ago

then show us microsoft! i havent seen bigger games (games not made specifically for the kinect) utilize it in any interesting ways! i want microsoft to make me jealous that im not getting an xbox one. SHOW ME!!!!

ps no i didnt read the article. psh who does? /s

n4rc1874d ago

Its not all about games... At least not for me..

Kinect adds functionality.. Playing motion games is honestly the last thing on my mind when discussing it

xHeavYx1874d ago

What's there to show? The fighter within demo was laggy, there is no way to integrate Kinect in hardcore games other than limited things you yell at the tv, like Skyrim or commands for war games(I still find it weird to think of someone yelling orders to the tv)
What else? All the tv stuff for people too lazy to pick up a controller

theWB271874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

FPS- something as simple as it reading your heart rate during matches. Thus affecting your ability to aim, take a little longer to reload. All of us drop controllers during matches, it can keep track of your head movement so you can still look around for that split second it takes to pick the controller back up.

Sports- Instead of having to pause the game to substitute players, just say who you want to sub in and out and keep the flow of the game going.

One of the biggest features is the integrated body scanning so in the feature developers can implement this into games, I'm sure a ton of people would have rather had themselves as...say...Shephard instead of messing with Bioshock's create options. Again, people would rather have themselves in sports titles.

Say you have a Borderlands type game...when you have a friend over and play split screen, well hey Kinect knows who this person is and instead of pausing the game and going through the options Kinect automatically loads that persons profile and the other player is seamlessly loaded into the game. No menus.

That's only a small amount...there's no telling what the actual devs can come up with KNOWING EVERYONE has the camera.

Not to mention Oculus Rift was already used on the first Kinect. Now they have 1080p capabilities, so that tech (in the future) mixed with Kinect2 ...can you, or BrutallyHonest, not see any benefit at all?

Biggest1874d ago

Why would you want the game to imagine your body's reaction to heart rate? Shouldn't your body already be doing what your body does?

Don't most games (minus hockey) only allow substitutions during breaks? In hockey games, aren't there button presses already in order to make shift changes?

I would argue that the people wanting to be themselves in video games will want to buy Kinect. I personally enjoy video games as a bit of an escape. I can be myself all day every day. I like pretending to be Nathan Drake or Shower Handel (my most recent playthrough of New Vegas) on my down time.

I will agree that there is benefit to the Kinect. There is benefit to almost every peripheral created. However, I do not agree that anyone should be forced to pay more for an item they may or may not use.

Ju1874d ago

Why would my heart rate go up during an FPS? Since when is pressing a trigger button so physical exhausting that my heart rate goes up. huh.

xHeavYx1874d ago

Seriously? Those are your groundbreaking reasons?
Maybe I didn't explain myself. I said. I was hoping for groundbreaking ways of integration and things that haven't been done before.

I don't know why I take the time, but let's go through your points one by one.
The first one can't be implemented for many reasons, the most obvious ones being that, since Kinect is not required, it would give an advantage to people with Kinect disconnected, the second obvious reason is the amount of complaints there would be from people who don't want to be at disadvantage.

"All of us drop controllers during matches, I want Kinect to let me look around while I pick the remote off"
I really hope you are being sarcastic, there are so many wrong things with that argument that I don't know where to start. How often do you drop your controller? I thought the 360 controller was the best thing ever designed to perfection, and the new one has over 40 improvements! (read with an "as seen on TV" narrator voice) Don't you have to look down to see where the controller is anyways?.

Sports. 2 things, first of all, something I've been saying for a long time. Do you really want to talk to Kinect? I understand maybe saying "Xbox One", but have a conversation with it? Yelling "Fus Ro Dah"? I get embarrassed just thinking about it. Second. Like Biggest pointed out, for most sports you need to stop the game to make a substitution.

"Integrated body scanning" Again, something that has been done before, and something that no one has shown working on Kinect. It will most likely work with faces. Besides, most videogame heroes/athletes are fit. Not being disrespectful but it's the truth that most gamers are not in shape, so, your Bioshock character would be a chubby guy running around.

The "Borderlands" example. I reckon it can work, but it's something else that hasn't been shown working. What if your friends look similar? how precise is Kinect? (and don't tell me all the things that MS promised, which are the same things they promised with the first Kinect) You would still have to set your friend up in your system.

I have not heard any plans with the Oculus Rift in mind from MS.

I do see a benefit, but a very small one, just like happened with the previous Kinect

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theWB271874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

P.S.- They can't show you unless developers know the camera will be there. Being that it's still the transitional period and the consoles haven't even been may take a few years.

As we know now- DICE, Turn10, CD Projekt Red, Activision, Rare, Double Helix, Capcom Vancouver, Crytek, are just a few of the developers making use of Kinect out of the gate.


I'm glad you aren't a developer. The less creative people in the business the better. If you think there isn't a single way to integrate Kinect then you're lacking some serious vision.

The bit about the tv stuff being for lazy people...isn't the remote used by people who don't want to get up and flip through every channel by the tv or cable box?

EDIT- Give me a game and I'd be happy to.

xHeavYx1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Care to share with me how Kinect can be integrated in new ways for hardcore games?
EDIT pick any game/games you want

Boody-Bandit1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )


If MS hasn't shown us all by now how Kinect can be an integral part in gaming they never will. Kinect will be nothing more than a gimmicky extension / tacked on feel to hardcore gaming that isn't necessary to use and wouldn't be better served with traditional controls and a standard microphone.

If this wasn't true MS wouldn't have invested time and money into making their XBOX ONE controller 15% more accurate / responsive than the 360 controller.

Motion controls are so last generation.
If MS really believed Kinect was such an integral part of the X1 they would've never budged on making it not mandatory and are including a stand alone mic with the purchase of an X1. I'm betting, which I feel is a no-brainer safe bet, there will be a lower priced Kinect-less SKU in the not too distant future.

SilentGuard1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

MS should sell the Kinect and not rely on third party developers to sell it for them. They want to include Kinect in every box than they need to justify the higher price they are charging. Yet NOT ONE Kinect game available for launch. Not One feature that gives a wow factor. Just more promises of what it might bring. Even Ryse which was supposed to be a Kinect game was remade to use a controller. Good move as they probobly saved Ryse from the shovelware bin.

THamm1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

They tireless keep defending Kinect, man I wish they would take it out, drop the msrp and get it over with already. They are facing millions of future losses because of this... MS listen closely, "gamers forgive and forget, well maybe not forget, look at EA every year"

admiralvic1874d ago

Ever hear of the expression "Every man has his price"?

Simply put, people might not forgive / forget / accept or even like what happens, but there is something that will make them compromise their principals for it.

Like if Capcom offered Megaman Legends 3 / Rockman Dash 3 for $80 dollars, then there would be some complaints, but the game would STILL sell. Too many hardcore fans want to see this series continue and will overlook any negative things Capcom has done in order to get it.

If M$ announced a new Conker, then I might rent or maybe even buy an XB1 if it can match the original in terms of awesomeness.

If Nintendo announced Mother anything U (be it a remake, new game, or whatever), then you would no doubt see people viewing the Wii U in a new light.

Long story short... people care about their issues / principals till something happens that changes it. Typically it's easier to just do a token thing for the community than actually admit fault or apply effort towards changing.

JediDiah1874d ago

Major Nel said so was "always online"....well we know how that turned out.

Pascalini1874d ago

Get a life it's part of the machine just like phones have cameras

Go and cry somewhere els if you are so broke you can't afford an extra 90 pound. Hell I've got shoes that cost more than that.

Anyhow we get FIFA 14 free too plus a mic (not an ear bud like ps4)

Better value all round on xb1

xHeavYx1874d ago

Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night...

cyclindk1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Your shoes make you walk run or jump any better? Not really. And Kinect won't do jack most likely this gen either.

And I'd actually like it to, because gesture recognition tech is great, the devs just don't use the shi$.

THamm1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

If MS was thinking of you they wouldn't change their initial plans. The biggest market, here in the USA, we don't get FIFA, not yet. $90-100 can go on an extra controller or game which would be much more useful than 2 useless kinects(360) in a living room. BTW if it wasn't for the PS4 you wouldn't have a mic either. Funny how everyone talks now but in the reveal not one person defended the Xbox1. MS shifted to try to tame the losses not make you happy

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