The Wii Balance Board: 5 games it could change forever

After an amazingly successful debut in Japan, expectation and hype for Wii Fit and its accompanying Balance Board is slowly reaching fever pitch elsewhere around the world.

With a game that will have millions of us up on our feet, helping to convince us that exercise can be fun, arrives hope and anticipation about the future potential uses for the Wii Balance Board. From ball-rolling to dancing, Nintendic suggests five of gaming's most popular franchises in which the accessory could make revolutionary changes.

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ItisI3844d ago

Waverace with the wii board would be awesome. Can you imagine standing on the board swaying from side to side while turning with the wiimote. All you would need is someone splashing you with water and you would be there actually doing the real thing.

shuandrew3844d ago

Haha, yeah.... doubt it would do the electronics of the controllers too much good, though. =P

feejo3844d ago

Inovation is good for the whole video game industry.

Tarasque3844d ago

OMG i finally get to post on something about the wii. Long time been waiting.

I am pretty excited about the wii board, hopefully it will end up giving a shot to the games. Which havent been to awful great.