Nintendo 2DS Has One Big Screen Divided by Plastic

Nintendo has revealed that its newly-announced 2DS has one large screen divided by a piece of plastic rather than two separate displays.

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lastofgen2273d ago

I'll stick with getting a 3ds xl this coming fall.
I don't mind the 3d portion of it being taken out, but come can't even fold it??!

MattyG2273d ago

It doesn't fold so that kids (who the 2DS is targeted at) won't snap the hinges. It makes it sturdier.

4logpc2273d ago

Except now both screen are out 24/7.

sounds like a much worse alternative.

MattyG2273d ago

@4logpc I'm pretty sure it comes with that protective pouch they've been showing in their press pictures. And when it isn't in the pouch, what's worse, a missing top screen or a scratched screen?

4logpc2273d ago

I would doubt it comes with the pouch.

They will sell it for $9.99

Having an exposed screen means it is much more likely to be punctured or stepped on.

N4g_null2273d ago

So this is how they are going to get the gamepad price down? I wonder if it is the same size.... smart if so.

Bhuahahaha2273d ago

yeah better get xl if you got a budget for it

2ds screen isnt large as the xl

ShadowL92273d ago

They should have just made so the screen is totally visible so when something is split between the two it actually lines up

CaptainPunch2273d ago

I agree, too bad Nintendo is stuck in the 90s.

kirbyu2273d ago

I'm having a hard time picturing that.

sincitysir12273d ago

they should have made it rollable so i could smack my kid with it when he was bad. positive reinforcemtn

4logpc2273d ago

Still waiting for a 3ds lite with a great battery and thin form factor...

safe to say its never coming after the 2ds.

The_Truth_24_72273d ago

Next, Nintendo will release a Wii u without the game pad.

AWBrawler2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

would defeat the purpose of a wii u and render most games unplayable. removing 3D doesn't effect how games are played

The_Truth_24_72273d ago

Game pad doesn't improve gameplay so remove it.

AWBrawler2273d ago

splintercell begs to differ. as does scribblenauts, monsterhunter, zombiu, and Nintendo Land.

AbortMission2273d ago

Lmao Splinter cell? The version that has sub-HD textures and runs below 30FPS?

dcj05242273d ago

What does sub-hd textures and 30fps have to do with the use of the gamepad? You're comment makes no sense sir.

AWBrawler2273d ago

miiverse would be a chore to use without the gamepad. you'd have to have some kind of on screen keyboard that you navigate via the analog sticks. long posts would suck

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